I feel I have slept a thousand years in the past two months. I don't think I have seen the clock hit 9:00PM yet. Not even the most intriguing episode of CSI can convince my eyelids to remain open long enough to find out the killer. My couch, from what I can tell, now has the outline of my body permanently embedded in it and it is heaven each time I find my way back into that cushiony mold.

Poor Colin has done anything and everything for me and remains a constant friend, housekeeper, chef, personal shopper, and Mr. Fix-It. He runs out to pick up whatever food I can stomach at that second, grocery shops, runs errands, cleans, and rubs my feet and legs until his sweet little fingers go numb. I am passed out drooling on the couch by the time he is finished with all of his daily upkeep, and he usually wakes me up long enough to guide my zombie self to the bed. It is hard to imagine that something so small can drain that much energy out of you.

I really can't complain too much because...drum roll...most of my morning sickness is gone! The first day I woke up and didn't feel like I was going to puke, I practically danced my way to work. It has been about a week since my last trip to the vomitorium and I cannot explain the relief to someone who hasn't yet been in this situation. Without the morning sickness though, I am slowly slipping into some sort of weird denial. It is as though I now don't really FEEL pregnant and it feels like something very far away and foreign. Sure I am sleeping my summer away, but I feel more like I have a bad case of Bum/Slacker than the job of incubating my off spring. I know that sounds a bit weird, but truly, the first trimester is a lot more Sci-Fi than it is miraculous. I am just wondering when it will REALLY sink in.

I made an appointment with my general practitioner last week because my acid reflux is not something that can wait until my first prenatal appt. I've always had the condition but controlled by diet, but decided it had grown much more serious when I belched so loud at work my boss heard me two offices away and called me in to tell me I had to do something before our senior VP became aware of the problem. I imagined the horror of being fired from a job due to lack of gastric control and promptly called my doctor. I think the medicine she prescribed is partly to thank for my recent morning sickness relief.

Other than that, all is quiet on the pregnancy front. I know I should try my hardest to enjoy it, because in about 7 months, I won't be able to find any peace and quiet!PregnancyAndBaby.com


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