We had our monthly doctor's visit this past Wednesday, and she pointed out all sorts of wonderful details as we were doing the ultrasound -- five fingers on this hand, a little foot with five toes, the diaphragm, and even the chambers of the heart, all beating away. However, she WASN'T telling us whether it was a boy or a girl, so we asked.

The doctor moved the monitor down to the parts of the baby that would give us this information, and, as happened last month, the baby wasn't totally cooperating. It was again facing my spine, so we couldn't see a whole lot. However, it finally turned around enough that the doctor could look at the baby from a couple of different angles and proclaim that she *thinks* it's a girl, although she's not certain.

Quite honestly, I don't see how a doctor can ever be certain in making in utero diagnosis of a girl baby. Making an in utero diagnosis of a boy is pretty simple -- "I see that, I see those -- it's a boy!" But with a girl, you're confirming the absence of something -- the fact that you *don't* see that or those -- and that's far less definite. Just because you don't see anything doesn't mean it's not there! But we'll take another look at the end of the month and see if we can see (or not see) anything more certain at that time.

As it's not yet 100% certain, I am therefore trying hard to not get excited yet about the baby being a girl, and am pretty much failing miserably. A little girl! A whole new experience for us! We'll have a daughter, and Spencer will have a little sister! Of course, I would have been equally thrilled if the baby were a boy (which it may very well still be!) -- I think that the excitement for me lies in taking this big step toward meeting this baby by finding out its gender.

On a different note, Andrew finally felt the baby and felt it move this week. One night at the beginning of the week, I was in bed reading, and the baby was settling itself for the night. It eventually ended up in some sort of bizarre (and not very comfortable for me) position where either its back or bottom was pressed right up against my lower stomach and easily able to be felt from the outside. So I called Andrew in and had him first push against a part of my stomach where the baby WASN'T, so that he could see that it was soft and squishy, and then I had him push against the part where the baby WAS, and he could definitely feel it!

Then later in the week, we were in bed, and the baby was again settling in for the night, so I put Andrew's hand where the bumps and movements were happening, and he finally felt them, too!! So that was very exciting.

I'm now halfway through this pregnancy, which is hard to believe. It feels like the weeks are flying, while at the same time, the day when we will meet our new baby still seems to be far away.PregnancyAndBaby.com


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