So DH and I went to BRU last night to pick up the crib and mattress I had picked out - he had wanted nothing to do with any baby decisions. Well, we get there and he hates what I have chosen. He thinks they look cheap and wants better stuff. At one point he had a whole suite picked out!
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I think we're going with his choice for crib and getting a new dresser to match, the crib only converts to a toddler bed, though so we won't go crazy with all the other furniture. I was so stressed on the way home since I thought this was all set months ago- but I am OK now that we have decided what to do. It's just funny that he got all into it once he got there. Today I heard him telling a co-worker how complicated the stroller decision is! He's starting to sound like a dad! - Kristin

Dads are really funny when it comes to getting the "stuff"...when we registered at Baby Depot I had to confiscate the scanner gun from Jeremy. He really got into picking stuff out! - April

My DH is like that too, I didn't expect him to really be interested when we went to register, but he pretty much took over! One of the sales guys even talked him into an in store contest where he had to break down a Pack 'n Play faster than two other guys and he won....we got a free bouncer! - Jen

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