It seems weird that my first meaningful evidence of the life inside of me involves having chicken broth and 7up for breakfast and riding the waves of nausea throughout the day. What better way to announce your presence than to cause vomiting and clammy hands?

As blessed a journey as this pregnancy is, it strikes me as odd that we all begin it with the symptoms of a flu.

Up until yesterday I thought that I had somehow avoided the infamous morning sickness. I hadn't yet had one 'symptom' to substantiate my pregnancy claim and gloated that perhaps I would be one of the few that breezed through the first trimester without even a touch of nausea. Not so fast!

Just as almost every publication predicted, I hit 6 weeks on Monday and with it came the morning sickness. I'm probably still luckier than some, as I am not spending my day locked in the bathroom but I long to eat something other than toast and chicken broth for breakfast.

I keep thinking how badly I need to exercise to keep healthy, but at the end of the day, when I get home from work it takes all of my energy to take Dexter (our schnauzer) out and crawl into my pajamas.

Even though it is early on, my co-workers already know about the pregnancy, and half of my family knows, and it really is a blessing because otherwise they would probably think I've become a recluse.

We told the majority of my family (mom, dad, grandmother, younger brother and his girlfriend) over Memorial Day weekend. My younger brother, Chapin, and his girlfriend Lindsay are also newly pregnant with a due date about a month before me, so everyone was still getting use to that news and then along came my announcement.

My Nana didn't know about my brother yet so when they told my Nana that he was having a baby I just added "And Colin and me too!" My mom screamed in excitement and everyone was congratulatory, except my Nana. She and I are pretty close and I really had no idea how she might react, I hoped she would be excited. Things did not go as well as hoped. Ever the diva, she put her head in her hands and heaved a huge sigh.

Everyone just kind of stared at her in awkward silence as she looked up at me and my brother, "You have just RUINED my day." She then glared at me and said, "I thought you were going to wait!" I said what I could to comfort her but she turned her attention back to my brother. "And when are you going to get married?!"

After that fiasco I am more careful about who I am telling this early on. I still need to tell all of my friends and my older brother, but since I am unsure of their reactions I am planning on waiting a bit. The majority of the few people who know are all supportive and very excited and that is such a great feeling.

Colin and I want a boy and I started thinking last night, what if we ended up having all boys? I can see us having three boys and wanting to try once more for a girl and then having four boys! That would be just my luck.

Right now I am just looking forward to my first prenatal appointment, which will be at about 9 or 10 weeks. We chose the only midwife practicing in a hospital in Dallas. We met her earlier this week and she was very informative and personable, we liked her right away. So I can't wait till then!


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