I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Gonal-F as my RE has recommended it as the next step. Are there any good web sites out there where I can find good info on it? For those of you who have been on it - what were your experiences? - Limi
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I am on my 32nd cycle of TTC. I am also on my 5th Round of Gonal-F & IUI. My first cycle I took 75 units each evening. My RE follows me with u/s and b/w to manage the meds, which should be standard. When I triggered with my first cycle, I only had one mature folly. We bumped my dose up to 225 units and that is where I have been since.

The first cycle on Gonal F should really be considered a trial and error cycle as the RE is trying to figure out what your optimal dose should be to get maximum effect. People do get PG on their first cycles however.

Gonal-F comes two ways, ampule form and multi-dose. If your insurance will cover the multi-dose, I highly recommend it. The ampules need to be mixed nightly as you use them but the multi-dose comes with a pre-measured syringe of saline that you mix with the med once and then keep using the same vial until it is gone, it is, however, more expensive. I use the multi-dose.

The injections are given sub-coetaneous (under the skin) and I give the injections to myself in my tummy. Just off to the side and below the belly button. I move over slightly each night so I do I keep injecting the same spot. The needles that come with the multi-dose kit are very sharp, fine needles that really do not hurt hardly at all going in. I just grab and pinch some skin and then place the needle with a motion like I am throwing a dart and slowly inject the med. In five cycles, I have only gotten one bruise. I did not personally ice the area at all, as I found that it really doesn't bother me enough to numb the area. - Amy

I am probably one of Gonal F's biggest fans! I did Clomid for like 8 cycles and had great follies in both size and number, but nothing, then for about 4 cycles we added Follistim to the mix, nothing. For two cycles I did straight injectables of Follistim and IUI with no luck. Then Follistim changed the way they package it in its dosage form and I have no insurance coverage for meds. So, the RE said it would better to switch to Gonal F. I was a slow responder and ended up with one folly after 8 days of 2 amps (150 IU) per day. The nurse said I might need IVF in the near future. That folly was my miracle because it worked and tomorrow I will be 10 weeks pregnant. - Kerri PregnancyAndBaby.com

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