Well, the external version failed. Sometime since the last ultrasound the baby got her butt engaged. The doctor tried very hard to move her but she just wouldn't budge. She tolerated the procedure really well, and I only got a few bruises, but I am really saddened and depressed that it looks as though my dreams of having just one normal birth experience are being shot down in flames. - Carolyn
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I don't know if this info is of any use to you at this point, but I had to pass it on just in case. We had an OB appointment. Today and it turns out that our babies are both breech at this point. They are basically sitting up with their heads upward and their butts down low. I was talking to my allergy practitioner today and telling her that, and she told me about a patient of hers who just had a baby vaginally. The baby had been breech, but she went to her acupuncturist who was able to turn the baby by doing a special acupuncture treatment. No idea what that involved, but apparently presents no risk at all to the baby. - Kathleen

I'm guessing you've already heard this as well, but in my Bradley classes, there was a special position they recommended to try to encourage the baby to turn. You'd do it several times a day; I can't recall the details but I bet it'd be in their book at the library. There was also a special herb to burn and place by your pinky toe... I don't know if it works, but I do know people in my class tried it. - Karen

We have persevered in our attempts to get the baby to turn, but so far she remains breech. I continue to see the chiropractor three times a week. I have also visited a homeopathic doctor. She gave me two remedies, the first to reduce anxiety (that one worked amazingly well considering how skeptical I am in general about alternative medicine) and the second is supposed to surface anything that I haven't dealt with fully (possibly to do with my mother's early death when I was 12 or Colin's preemie birth). That one doesn't seem to be doing much - not anything that I've noticed anyway. I just took it over the last two nights, so maybe something will happen tonight (she wants to know what I've been dreaming, but I never remember them well enough to explain them to anyone).

She also gave me the stick to burn by the toes (moxibustion) - two sticks in fact (I'm the first to require two sticks - my toes for some reason are just not all that sensitive to being next to a burning hot stick!). We've done 7 treatments so far. It doesn't seem to activate the baby much at the time we do it, but it sure has been making me sleepy (not at all the intended side affect... something to do with the smell of the herbs burning I guess). I spend 15 minutes after that on all fours with my butt in the air wiggling... there is no dignity in all this, that's for sure.

This is all leading up to Saturday morning, when my new OB will make the second and final attempt to turn the baby. I was actually surprised that he agreed to try, but happy there is at least this one more chance. I know the chances are slim for success, but it can still happen. The homeopathic doctor feels that I am well set up for Saturday.

All day long (and carrying on into the night) the baby has been very squirmy... much more active than usual. Nothing frantic, just sort of pushing and prodding me all over. Either she is trying to turn or trying to get out. Colin was extremely active the evening before he was born, so hopefully she is not trying to follow in his footsteps and isn't actually trying to poke holes in her amniotic sack. - CarolynPregnancyAndBaby.com

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