Jennifer's Online Pregnancy Diary

After finally making the decision to find out the gender of our baby, Andrew and I went to this past Wednesday's doctor's appointment all excited at the prospect of finding out, and wouldn't you know that the baby wouldn't cooperate (welcome to the world of parenthood, right?).

It was facing the wrong way on the ultrasound for much of the time, so all we were seeing was its back or its side, and then it was moving alot, so when it did turn and face the right way, it was for too brief a moment to get a good look at anything. So we have to wait until next month when hopefully the baby will be a bit more accommodating.

Seeing the baby move so much didn't surprise me, because I'm definitely feeling it move frequently. Thus far the movements have mostly been the little pokes from the inside, with a couple of already pretty impressive kicks from an individual who is supposedly only the size of an avocado. In neither of my pregnancies have I experienced the fluttery, butterfly wings sensation that so many women use to describe feeling their baby move. Both times, the movements to me have been more like a frog hopping around in my uterus. It's so wonderful to feel though, and I am as guilty this time as I was with Spencer of peridiocally stopping whatever I'm doing when I feel a little kick and sitting with my hand on my stomach in hopes of feeling another from the outside.

The doctor also mentioned on Wednesday that the placenta is low, which now has me a bit stressed about placenta previa, even though everything that I have read indicates that the placenta will naturally be pulled higher up as the uterus develops. Luckily I have had no bleeding whatsoever, so that's encouraging, and it's something we'll just need to keep an eye on.

On a different front, we were in southern Portugal last week for a long weekend, and this trip represented my first serious foray into maternity clothes this time around. I just can't really fit into any of my shorts any more and definitely not my bathing suits, at least not without stretching them, so I bit the bullet and packed a couple of maternity shorts plus my new maternity bathing suit. I'm at that infamous, awkward stage of pregnancy right now -- too big for most of my regular clothes, nowhere near big enough for maternity clothes, and looking just plain fat instead of pregnant.

The maternity shorts looked ridiculous on me, as my stomach at this point is barely even noticeable in the deflated kangaroo pouch pocket, but I was glad I brought them, as they were comfortable. I did foolishly bring just my regular jeans thinking that I could still fit into them, and while I can technically *fit* into them, and even zip them, they are far from comfortable. I wore them on the plane to and from Portugal and both times ended up undoing the button, unzipping the fly, and hoping that my shirt was sufficiently long for no one to notice this indiscretion. Of course, I've been doing the same thing with many of my work clothes for a couple of weeks now (although I usually do employ the rubber-band-through-the-buttonhole option on these days), so I don't know why I was so concerned about doing the same thing with my jeans...


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