You Must Have Patience With A Baby

"I need some ideas for being more patient! My DS is going through a phase of screaming. He wants to tell me something and has quite a few words. But, if I am busy with something, he'll get louder and louder until I pay complete attention to him. Also, if I don't give him exactly what he wants, he'll scream some more. For example, if I offer him a sippy cup of milk, he'll get mad that either it isn't watered down juice, or the cup HE wanted. I rarely give in, but it isn't diminishing. Any thoughts?" - RC
"I know I am not much help because I dont have any advice to give...but just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in needing to find patience. DS has been quite a handful lately too and very vocal about it all (even though he really doesn't speak any words). It gets frustrating and I do all I can not to completely snap sometimes. Just hang in there, it HAS to be a stage (that is what I keep telling myself anyway)." - Sarah

"This sounds very familiar. It does pass, but it takes awhile. Honestly; I have just been giving in. "Want a cookie two minutes, before dinner, here have it, now go in the other room and stop screaming at me." I 'm sure I will regret it later, but lately I have just been giving in. I have been picking my battles very carfeully. Maybe because he is the youngest. But I'm just so much more relaxed/leninent with him. I'm just not up for the toddler tantrums." - Machelle

"I could have written this myself. We keep thinking maybe she's teething, or tired, or sick or SOMETHING THAT GOES AWAY. But, I'm starting to realize that she's just being bratty. I'm doing the best I can to ignore it, but she has a hearty set of lungs and it makes me so tense! I'm hoping that it is just a phase too." - Betsy

"Laughing at Machelle...I am not up to toddler tantrums either. Unless its unhealthy or dangerous I usually just give him what he wants. Bad mommy! But I also try to ignore the 'fussing out' (as I call it) and just say 'don't fuss out...' or something to that effect." - Marianne

"I hear you. That sounds like Jack right now. All I do is try to keep my voice even and calm, and take deep breaths when I feel like screaming. If he's having a ridiculous tantrum, I just say 'ok, mommy will walk away until you're ready.' or 'Mommy doesn't like that...' I think giving in to whatever they're screaming about probably makes things worse. Here's hoping this goes away and isn't the start of the 'terrible twos'!" - Carey

"Same here. Andrew has certain things he wants his way, and if you go astray look out. I just walk around, and purposely ignore him, and he become very frustrated. I will ask him what do you want Andrew, and we go about the house till osmething makes him happy. I don't know the answer, but it is working for us so far. I can start to see it starting up now, and can catch it before it gets out of hand. Like when he starts looking around and making that face I get up and ask him Andrew wanna play airplane, or have some animal crackers or something. Get him before he gets me." - Christina

"Wow Laikyn went through the same thing. She is mostly over it now thank heavens. I asked her pediatrician about it. He said to cover your ears and say 'Oh no, we don't scream that hurts ears, go to your room if you want to scream!' I didn't think it would work but it really has. Just as long as she knows she has her place to scream in her room!" -

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