Is It Normal?

"OK so every now and then, usually at night, I wake up and have to pee soooooooooo bad and when I go I get these weird cramps that hurt. They last for a few minutes, while I go and a couple minutes after and then they go away. The cramping part is the every now and then, not the peeing. That happens every night. Anyone else get this and do you know what it is from? I am guessing it is just from holding it too long. It only happens at night when my bladder is way too full." - Kristin
"Same thing happens to me! Every night! Yes it is completely normal and it is from holding your bladder too long which causes the weird cramps while you pee, but then instantly go away a few seconds later. Don't worry your not alone and it only gets better done the road! LOL But try not to hold it in so long it's not good and could cause an infection in the bladder or something like that." - Megan Ann

"They could be braxton hicks (BH) and you are feeling them becuase your bladder is so full. I get them too but I know they are normal. I get BH in the mornings before I get up to pee and for a few minutes after." - Andrea

"Ooooh, ooooh me, I get them too. I figured it was from holding it too long, but dang, if that don't hurt sometimes!" - Bach

"LOL, yes, absolutely normal. I usually cramp a few minutes after I go back to bed. I only get it if I hold my bladder too long. Lately I'm peeing 3-4 times at night and each time is a lot. I don't know where all the liquid is coming from because I'm not drinking that much at night!" - Amanda

"Me too. I figured that since my bladder was so full everything was pushed up, and while/after I go, things settle back down a little. Never even thought that they could be braxton hicks." -

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