How Early Is Too Early

"I got a positive from my Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) on Monday and my breasts are very sore and I am still having slight cramping. What do you girls think? I feel as though I am jumping the gun but could this mean the hormones are pumping? In the past my breasts haven't been as sore as they are today." - Jen
"It is possible but not likely. I think it really depends on the person. There's something out there called Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF) where the blastocyst signals to the ovaries to emit EPF, which basically suppresses the immune system a bit. It's kind of a 'I'm know I'm a foreign entity but I'm not a disease so please don't destroy me' kind of thing. I know Lindsey came down with a cold two days after ovulation on the cycle she was pregnant - that's how I knew what it was. I guess I'm saying it could be, but if you're getting your hopes up this early, you're in for a LOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG two week wait. Am I right, girls?" - Cheryl

"I kind of figured as much but thought I would see what you all thought. It feels as though once I started trying to conceive I am just too sensitive. I am sure you all understand." - Jen

"Here's what I have found, every month I have some type of 'symptom' that I could interpret to be pregnancy related. After aunt flow shows up I look back and say "Yeah, it really wasn't, but it seemed like it was." And you want it to be so badly that you let yourself believe you could be having symptoms before implantation even. One of these cycles I'm going to get pregnant and go "Ah, yes, that was a real sign." But, until then...who knows? You gotta wait for aunt flow or the positive test to ever really know if you are experiencing true symptoms! UGH! Waiting!" - Susan

"Thank you for noticing, Susan! And Jen, it's still a possibility. It's just hard getting your hopes up. It's better to look back and be pleased then to be crushed when that witch shows up." - Cheryl

"I couldn't agree more...I guess you could say I had 'symptoms,' but they weren't really any different than what I would get every other month, the months with negative tests. That's one of the reasons I was so convinced that this cycle was a bust...I felt exactly the same way I feel when aunt flow is coming." - Alisa

"Symptoms are such a funny thing - I too have become more observant and noticed more. Wish I didn't because sometimes, like this month, my breasts hurt and I keep poking at them just to make sure they still hurt (only hurt on the sides) to 'convince' myself that a positive test is on the way." -


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