When Did Your Hair Stop Falling Out?

"Do you remember when in your pregnancy your hair stopped falling out? Or if it never really stopped and what you had or are having? I am only 8 weeks and my hair usually stops falling out somwhere in pregnancy - at least it has with my three boys. Right now it is still coming out, but I don't know if it's too early to think that this might be different for me. Thanks in advance for your help." - Julie
"I have ridiculously thick hair anyway, but it got even thicker with all of my boys. It was noticable by the second trimester for me." - Tammy

"Mine never falls out during pregnancy, but after it almost comes out in handsfuls." - Turtle

"I have thick hair too, mine never fell out, or if it did I didn't notice cause I have a mound of hair I always get in moods when I'm pregnant and chop it all off." - Bec

"I have long hair and thick hair, so it seems like I lose a lot. (and my dh would agree, he's always griping that my hair is all over the bathroom and clogging up the drains). I tend to notice more hair loss post-partum though than before. I will say with this pregnancy that is supposedly a girl, my hair looked terrible. It was oily and flat, I looked like I got caught in a thunderstorm. I finally had to get it cut and chemically treated to bring back the body and curl." - Heather

"I would totally agree with Heather on this one. I lose more post-partum than during pg. I normally lose it until they are 9 months old." - Karrilyn

"My hair is thinner and of poor texture with this pregnancy as well as my last. It never improved with my last pregnancy, either." - Eden

"I lose some hair postpartum and it gets fuller during pregnancy!" - CarolynPregnancyAndBaby.com


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