Take Time To Enjoy Being Pregnant

In the midst of pregnancy - and with all the aches and pains and decreased mobility - it's sometimes easy to forget about the benefits of this unique time. Mom and writer Ruth Brister reminds you to focus on the pleasurable aspects of your pregnancy.
Ruth Brister

Get a new focus
You are in the home stretch, having survived the first trimester nausea and any accompanying sickness. It would seem unnatural for our bodies to undergo the awesome changes wrought by pregnancy without having some sort of effect to signal something is happening. Sometimes, in our adjustment to our newfound womanliness, we may have a tendency to focus more on the negative rather than the positive. The only good thing we may see initially with pregnancy is that we get a baby at the end. A case in point: Stacy, a new mom, said she would have another child right away if she did not have to be pregnant for nine months.

Obviously, no amount of convincing will persuade all of us to find the good in carrying an extra 40 pounds and no longer being able to wear our favorite clothes or shoes.Yet whether this is a first or a fifth pregnancy, it is never too late to learn how to love the expectant state. It's just a matter of placing our focus upon the positive!

Sex Drive
Like other expectant women, I had to adapt to the pregnancy weight gain and the new style of clothes. I remember searching for maternity lingerie that was more like what I wore before becoming pregnant, and less like something my grandmother would wear. My desire to find attractive undergarments stemmed from my increased sex drive. With the passing of the first trimester and entering the second and third, I realized that my desire for sex had gone above and beyond that of my normal, pre-pregnancy level.

Many women I spoke to, while not necessarily thrilled with their new sizes, also experienced a similar libido surge. Gena, the mother of two, laughs, "I felt like a primitive fertility goddess," and boasted of better intimacy than in her pre-pregnancy days.

The act
Much to my husband's delight, I enjoyed a type of heightened erotica and pleasure in the latter stages of all my pregnancies. (Unless otherwise informed by your caregiver, you can enjoy being physically intimate with your mate up until the birth of your child.) Naturally, these urges can be attributed to the raging hormones running wild inside your body. Beth, the mom of three in Ashville, North Carolina, remembers this time, "I felt as if all my erogenous zones were supercharged during pregnancy!"

Many moms admit to halting the actual physical act of intimacy by the eighth month -- only because they had grown too large to maneuver comfortably. However, many did find other ways to satisfy their need for intimate love with their partner through other means. Two of the most popular choices: showering together and massaging each other with oils.

A gown called a "little satin affair" was, by far, the preferred boudoir apparel -- most certainly because husband and wife found the silky fabric to be very sexy. The second most popular choice was to just be "beautiful in the buff." Especially considering the way many pregnant women feel warmer than usual, this comes as no surprise.

Feeling beautiful
Some women do feel less and less attractive as their pregnancy progresses. The weight and fluid gain can significantly affect self-esteem, especially if you have struggled with weight issues before pregnancy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a woman who has never had a weight problem may also find herself feeling less than beautiful during pregnancy.

Almost all of the women with whom I spoke, however, had a remarkable sense of their newfound beauty. Stella, the Fort Worth, Texas, mother of two described it best, "I actually felt beautiful! I loved being pregnant. I felt so complete and womanly." Complete and womanly -- what two words could better describe this most significant of times?

Physical benefits
I believe that a woman's most beautiful time in her life is during pregnancy. Hair becomes thicker, fuller -- and even longer, depending on the style you prefer. Fingernails are longer and stronger than ever before. The "glow" that people mention so often really does exist. A woman's skin is often in its best condition during pregnancy. And for those of us who normally do not have particularly well-endowed bustlines, pregnancy may offer our first experience with cleavage.

Carrying a new life created by two people is a life-changing experience. It is most certainly a time to feel more like a woman of beauty than ever before. Allow yourself and your mate to enjoy your new -- but brief -- voluptuousness. Although it may feel like a neverending state while you're experiencing it, no pregnancy lasts forever!PregnancyAndBaby.com

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