Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerTime is going by so fast, yet at the same time we can't wait for the BIG DAY! I can't...

Time is going by so fast, yet at the same time we can't wait for the BIG DAY! I can't believe how soon it will be here. The baby's room is totally finished and looking fabulous I must say. What's not looking fabulous is me.

I really feel so blown up. And then I get comments saying, "You haven't gained all that much weight, huh?" Are you trying to be nice or did I always look like a blimp? I can see the pictures and I am really hoping that my face, arms and thighs are not always so plump.

30 pounds and counting. Next Dr. appointment and the internal exams come into play. Yikes! So I am a big dork and doing my kegels. I will be starting Evening Primrose Oil shortly to get all ready down there and I've got the bags packed and ready to go.

A little OCD about it all? Maybe. My friends laugh at me because I have got everything ready in the baby room. The clothes washed, te diapers, wipes, bath time, towels with his name etc.

Did I ever mention my Baby Shower?

It was wonderful and was a great success with one very dissappointing exception. I did not get my sundae. Just as it was time to open presents, the sundae bar was set out and there was ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, M&M's, Oreos, hot fudge - the works. So I quickly went and made myself the perfect treat. I set it down for what seemed like a few minutes, opened some presents and before I knew it, everyone was done with their sundaes. I was done with presents and the bar was cleaned up and GONE and so was the one I made. I'm sure it was all melting and that was why, but that was what I was really looking forward too. Hey, it doesn't take much to get me excited these days.

My sweet husband made it up to me a few days later. I ended up getting a huge frozen yogurt with mass toppings on the side. I was content.

The baby has been moving more and more. And I can really feel how big he is. I mean there isn't that much room in there, however, he is taking full advantage of whatever there is. He's been head down that last two visits.

I'm so curious as to whether he will be early, on time or late.

We have to somehow organize my mother in law coming out for this. My parents will be here as they live here, but my mother in law is all the way in Alabama.

Kelly was pretty firm on us calling her right when I go into labor. As it may quite some time before anything happens. But, I told him that you never know. It could be quick too. I think really he and she are just concerned with her being here to see the baby after he's born. If she makes it in time, great. If not. What can we do? It's just too much and as my husband says, too annoying, to have her here for such a long time. I mean if she came two weeks before, she could be here a month and we were hoping for just a week stay.

I'm not sure how I'm going to feel afterwards either. Kelly and I are such quiet home bodies and with something so big, I know we'll be anxious to be on our own and get into our own schedule. However, we are lucky that his mom is very understanding and not one to get in the way at all. So I'm sure she'll respect our wishes.

Well, it's not something I am going to worry about or even need to. My husband always supports whatever I need and I am truly grateful.

My latest symptom (not that I really have any, except for getting bigger) is swelling. It's not even that big of a deal either. It only seems to happen if I am up late at night and on the computer and feet are down low. If I lay down or raise them, it goes away within a few minutes.

That's all the exciting news I have to report. Pretty pathetic huh? More to


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