Kymberli's Second Pregnancy Diary

KymberliWhen we found out that we were having twins with our first pregnancy, we got a little hint that there...

When we found out that we were having twins with our first pregnancy, we got a little hint that there might be more than one from the results of my beta hCG tests. My levels were sky high, and sure enough, less than a week later, an ultrasound showed two gestational sacs. Frank and I were shocked into nearly a state of utter disbelief; with our struggles to get pregnant, knowing that we were having twins was relative to winning the lottery with your last dollar. We had hit the jackpot, alright, and from the looks of the beta I had this week, it could be very possible that lightning has struck twice in the same place.

I had my first prenatal appointment this week, and my wonderful obstetrician, Dr. Edwards, congratulated us on finally achieving our much-wanted pregnancy, as did his fantastic nurses Kari and Karen. He did a complete physical work-up, to include my yearly breast exam and Pap smear. Then, as usual, he took the time to listen to any concerns I had, and I told him that my paranoid mind was working overtime, worrying that things might not be progressing as they should. For some doctors, it takes an act of Congress to get them to order a beta, but Dr. Edwards immediately sent me for a test to quell the fears that I had.

Frank and I killed some time in Savannah before making the fifty-minute trip back home, and by the time we got there, there was a message on our machine from Karen, saying in an almost over-excited voice that my results were VERY good, and that she would call me at work in the morning to reveal the results. I immediately felt relieved; if things were looking bleak she would have given some indication of that in her message.

The next morning I returned Karen's call before she got a chance to call me back, and after retrieving my file, she told me very animatedly that my beta results, at only 17 days past ovulation, was a whopping 786 and my progesterone level was 56.8. As I could hear the other nurse, Kari, chirping her energetic congratulations to me in the background, Karen went on to tell me that the last time they had a patient with numbers that high, a subsequent ultrasound revealed twins. She said that considering the facts that I was on 150 mgs of Clomid, had two mature follicles, and have carried twins previously, chances were looking very good that we might be in for a double-blessing again.

My initial reaction was another wave of relief that everything was going well, and my second reaction can only be described as confused excitement. Frank and I have had several previous discussions on the possibility of having twins again. Frank, who generally is a man of few words, initially summed up his opinion as this: "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. God must have a purpose for those twins if that's what He gives us." When pressed for a deeper answer, Frank and I both share the same views on having another set of twins. We'll be as happy and excited as we were the first time, but there will surely be a set of reservations this time that we were too carefree to have in the first pregnancy.

For one, Frank is a stay at home father, and is quite good at his job. He's concerned that he may not have the same energy level with a second set of twins that he had with Kyra and Jaiden. Given his Multiple Sclerosis, it's easy to see why that would be of concern to him. The good news is that the twins will be starting Pre-K next school year, so Frank will be home alone with the five kids for only a couple of hours before I make it home form work.

Then of course there's the issue of financially being able to provide for five children, with three of them still being in diapers, no less. We had decided that Frank would not return to work until our last child was in Pre-K, which means that I'll be the only major source of income for at least another five years. Thankfully, Frank received a full medical retirement from the Army, so he's entitled to a monthly disability payment for life. Right now that amounts to about $1,000 monthly, which is pretty darned good for him to not be actively employed right now. How many other stay-at-home-parents are that lucky? Though we're doing just fine now, we can't help but freak out a bit at the prospect of providing for FIVE children on ONE salary. What really makes us feel better about the financial situation is keeping in mind that Frank won't always be a stay-at-home father, and that it's just a matter of time before he's bringing in a full salary as well.

My personal concerns about a second twin pregnancy honestly center on my butt. I know that sounds pretty odd, and perhaps even trivial, but I had such extreme sciatica with Jordan's pregnancy that it actually was the result of my going on maternity leave a month early (not that I minded). With the twins, I was sore, and they were the start of my butt's breakdown, as can be read in this entry from my previous journal: My butt hurts. Jordan, quite literally, was a pain in the ass, and I mean that in the best possible way. I had trouble walking, and if I moved too suddenly I had searing flashes of pain rip through my hips and straight up my butt. I worry about how mobile I'll be if I'm pregnant with twins, because I'm quite sure that the only way I'll be able to function at work by week 24 is with the aid of a wheelchair.

What it really comes down to, is that our only concerns about having a second set of twins are money and energy, and really -- who can't use more of both? The pros by far outweigh the cons. As we looked back through the twins' baby pictures and recalled all the fun we had watching Kyra and Jaiden kick each other while I was still pregnant them, we realized that ultimately, we'll be overjoyed to be bringing in another pair of Barneys. We have so much love to give that we know there's more than enough room in our hearts, our home, and our wallet for two more babies, despite the pains my rear end will have to endure to get them here.

Much love,
Kym and Kirby (times 2?)


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