Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerHe is so strong. My breath was actually taken away and I had to double over the other night while...

He is so strong. My breath was actually taken away and I had to double over the other night while we were at a restaurant.He did the strongest, longest, stretch type kick thing and it was so so intense. I can only imagine what is to come.

Kelly and I are about to take film of my tummy mving. It's quitee entertaining. You can see these big swoops and jumps and then all of the sudden he'll be on one side and my stomach will look so lop sided. So we might as well get it now, cause pretty soon there won't be much room for him to move around like that.

This week I have felt so great. I don't have any indigestion, my legs aren't restless (they were in the beginning though?)and I have so much energy - I am still working out nearly everyday and I'm actually getting stronger which I thought was not a possibility when pregnant, seeing as how the muscles and everything get so soft.

Now, those were the positives. Here are some other pleasurables: I get up about 4 to 5 times during the night to the bathroom. When I need to switch sides, I have to take these deep breaths that make me sound like I am 300 pounds because at night my lungs are especially scrunched and it's hard to roll over. Occassionaly I get these kicks down low that almost make me lose my bladder control. I am getting calls from my friend (a new mom) on how my nipples will crack and ache with breasfeeding, my stomach will never be the same, I won't sleep, I won't be able to eat what I want,it will be a huge strain on my marriage and I probably won't use any of the stuff that I am getting at my shower.

Well, that was positive. So I've learned to tune that stuff out and Kelly and I will take it as it comes. We are so excited, even for the sleepless nights and we'd like to go ahead and keep it that way.

So next weekend is my shower. I am so excited!

This weekend, Kelly and I got haircuts. Much needed. My hair is so thick right now and I definitely needed a lift. While there, I had some pretty interesting remarks. "Wow, you've gained alot of water." Ok? And "Look at you all blown up." Hmmm. And then a really nice one. "You are the cutest pregnant woman ever." To which my husband replied, "That's what I always say." It was very sweet.

Then we went and had lunch and I came home to some Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby. My theory? As long as I'm getting all the nutrients I need each day for the baby, what can a little dessert hurt?


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