Kymberli's Second Pregnancy Diary

My name is Kymberli, and I was a featured journal writer a few years ago with my first pregnancy. I am looking forward to chronicling this conception and pregnancy because I am sure that it will be my last.
It feels like keeping a diary this time would sort-of bring things full circle, letting me end where I begin, so to speak. This time, I want to document as much as I possibly can, and cherish every moment of this experience. I am a middle school teacher of reading and Earth science to at-risk 8th graders. I earned my Masters degree in education last year, and after this baby is around a year old, I'll probably pursue my Doctorate. Frank is 29 and is the best stay-at-home daddy to our children. Shortly after the twins were born in 2001, Frank was medically retired from the Army due to his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The MS has come to be sort-of a mixed blessing to us; it has allowed Frank to stay at home with the children, and it has kept him from having to leave us to fight in the war. Thus far, he has not suffered too much from the disease, and we have not had to alter our lifestyle in any way. We were high school sweethearts, and this summer we'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary! My children are the absolute joys of my life. It's hard for me to believe that it's been more than four years since I was writing the journal of my pregnancy with the twins. Kyra and Jaiden are now 3.5 years old, and are bright, articulate, and little comedians! Kyra is truly a diva; Frank says that she gets it from me. She's talkative and a tad bit bossy to her brothers, and is usually quick to point out what mischeif the boys got into. But to her credit, she'll readily admit her own wrongdoings -- only if you're smart enough to ask her, that is.

Jaiden is the thinker of the two. When learning a new skill, Kyra just jumps on it and actively works at it until she gets it. Jaiden's style is a bit more reserved; he processes things internally, almost as if he's getting the steps down perfectly in his mind before he shows you what he knows. They both learn at the same accelerated pace, and it's interesting to note their different learning styles. Jaiden is also sneaky -- VERY sneaky. He's the one that usually sets off my "mommy radar" when things get too quiet in the house.

Jordan is almost 22 months old, and is definitely my little cuddlebug. The twins love to hug and kiss, but they'll usually only want to cuddle when they're sleepy. Jordan would cuddle 24/7 if he could, but in no way is he clingy. Several times a day he'll grab the first blanket he can get his hands on, drag it to me, climb into my lap and say, "I cuddle, Mommy." He has an empathetic nature that is wise beyond his infant age, and is always ready to dole out hugs and kisses to those who seem in need of them. The twins are his teachers; I think that he learns more from them than he does from Frank and me. I can't wait to see what another baby will bring to the dynamics of our familly.

I needed Clomid to conceive my other two pregnancies, and I'll use it again this time. Though I was given a solution for my anovulation, I was never given a cause. Last March, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. In September, after having an endometrial biopsy as part of additional testing, my obstetrician suspected that I might have uterine cancer. I was terrified for the two days it took for us to get the preliminary results back. Thankfully, the sample did not show any atypical cells, but my doctor wanted me to have a D&C to be able to have a wider sampling of cells and to be absolutely sure that I was in the clear. Two days later, we got the great news that I was completely cancer-free, but was warned that I am at a much higher risk for developing it later, given my PCOS and my family history of gynecological cancers. Knowing what my mother, grandmothers, great-grandmother, and aunt have gone through, in the back of my mind I always figured that I'd end up with a hysterectomy since they all had to have one, but being faced with that and more at the age of 26 was terrifying, and it put a lot of things into perspective for me. So shortly after getting the all-clear, Frank and I decided have another baby, while we were sure that I still could. We didn't want to wait to have another baby, only to find that when we were ready, I would be unable to.

So here we are now, riding the reproductive roller coaster again, knowing that this pregnancy will be a tremendous gift. This pregnancy will be an affirmation of my life, and I look forward to sharing that and much more with all of you.

Much love,


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