Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

Had a contraction! Just once and not painful, just a contracting of the 'ole uterus and here is why. You know how you read those articles about stress causing a contraction?

Had a contraction! Just once and not painful, just a contracting of the 'ole uterus and here is why. You know how you read those articles about stress causing a contraction?Yeah, it's true. Last week, my parents were over and we all went to dinner, when we came back home, my dad went to let our dogs in from outside. Only one came in. Our short little yellow lab came moping in and there was no sign of her brother. My dad yelled to us that he wasn't in the garage or the run attached to it.

I ran out to look and he wasn't there. We screamed for him. Then my husband took a swig of his adrenaline and hopped a 6 foot fence like nothing, apparently following the steps of our Boxer,Cattle (something or other) mix, who was hiding just behind the car we just pulled up in.

It was all a matter of minutes, however, the initial shock of him being able to jump the 6 foot fence of their run and then another 6 foot fence into the street and not knowing if he was hit by a car or just gone forever, gave me enough of a panic scare to jolt my uterus into a really tight ball.

After I saw that Kelly had him, I announced that I thought I was having a contraction. Again it wasn't painful, just strange. So my mom then told me to calm down and that this was absolutely not good for myself or the baby. Just then my legs about gave out and I had to sit down right away. They were trembling. Those dogs are our babies and it was just horrific.

Now, I did write about another panic stricken moment involving these "babies" and I am just thinking that this is nature's way of preparing me of what's to come. You can't help but worry about those you love and I can only imagine the worry that is to come with this little muffin.

On a brighter note, I spent a you know what kind of load of money online today buying the cutest things for the nursery including bath stuff, rugs, toy storage things etc.

And my mom got a call today and the furniture they got us will arrive here in a few days! I'm so excited to put it all together.

Last week, my mom and I had lunch with my best friend and her mother to plan the baby shower. We are going with a spring frog theme and storks. Sounds interesting huh?

My mom got these really cute stork center peices that are going to have silver buckets with tulips. The invitations have frogs and my best friend is making necklaces with frog charms as part of the favors.

We are going to have tea and (by my choice) a Sundae Bar!!! How cool is that? I could have done a nice cake, but we had that at our wedding. It was so necessary to have a sundae bar. Because who isn't excited to have their pick of hot fudge, sprinkles, nuts, whipcream and a cherry on top of their ice cream? Well, at least I know I am.

So last time, I think I mentioned that we had a baby name and we do! It is certain now and it best be, because not only is my best friend having a diaper bag made for me with his name on it, but I also ordered towels with his name and wall letters with his name. Plus we have way too many nicknames with it to turn back now.

But, I think I'll save the name for his delivery.

He's still kicking more and more. He's doing rolls and all sorts of things - at least that's what it feels like.

I know this is pretty long so I think I'll save the Birth Plan and all that stuff that we've decided on for the next entry.

Here's a preview: Natural Child Birth? Hypnobirthing? Epidural? and Immunizations? I don't think I did as much research on anything in


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