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Lizabeth Sorensen

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Dear ThriftyChick,

I just found out that I am expecting my first baby! We are so excited, but I know that our budget does not have much wiggle room when it comes to my new maternity wardrobe. What can I do to look and feel great for the next nine months?

- Aimee in Boston, MA

The expert answers:
First of all, congratulations! As a new mom myself I know exactly what sort of challenge you are facing! I have two words for you: key pieces.

Any closet should contain those staple items that you can work in to any outfit for a multitude of occasions. Expecting or not, the white T, the perfect jeans and the black dress are a few items every woman should have on hand. When buying a set of basics for the new "mama look," know that you can still jazz them up and change simple pieces with accessories! While your body will be changing, do not fret about losing your personal style, you will be glowing and fabulous with these tips.

Here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind:

  • The seasons and where you live. How will they change while you are pregnant? Will you need a winter coat for the later part of your pregnancy? If so, try to find one that has gone on sale during the beginning of your pregnancy from the previous winter season.

  • You can gage your seven to nine month size by your pre-pregnancy size and how the particular store converts their sizing, for instance at Old Navy, a 10-12 pre-pregnancy is a maternity size medium.

  • Do you need work wear? Do not feel like you need to run out to a high priced maternity store and spend hundreds on a work wardrobe and a play wardrobe. Stores such as Target and Gap carry very fashionable maternity clothing that will take you from day to evening that is if you can stay up past 9 pm!

  • Feel like you cannot walk another mile in your pre-pregnancy shoes? Your feet will grow a bit and swell during the end of your pregnancy. Try to find a pair of shoes on sale that you can wear for work and play. No heels! TJ Maxx and Marshall's are great for spotting high quality shoes at ThriftyChick prices!

    During this exciting time stay simple, comfortable and safe, and remember that just because you are having a baby does not mean that you have to dress like one. With the celebrity and post 9/11 baby booms, so many fashionable maternity stores have opened online shops, and no matter where you live in the world of affordable maternity, chic is at your fingertips! PregnancyAndBaby.com

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