Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerThis week, Kelly and I got to film a commercial for our company. Well, we didn't actually film, we watched...

This week, Kelly and I got to film a commercial for our company. Well, we didn't actually film, we watched it being filmed. But, it was so much fun. So we were back and forth to L.A. and when the weekend came, I was ready for a day of PJ's and naps.

During our shoot, some of the characters were cheerleaders and I must say that it was not the most esteem boosting moment to watch tiny girls in short skirts while being pregnant and eating carrot cake. However, I did get through it ok and was reminded by a friend that I will go back to that after delivery. It may take months or a year, but I'll get there, right? Hmmm.

The baby, which by the way we think we have a name for. Well, I think we are pretty certain, because we already have nicknames associated with the name and it just feels like this will be his name - is moving so much. In fact, Kelly has been feeling him move all the time, but sometimes the kicks get so strong that it actually scares him a bit and freaks him. He thought something might be wrong with how strong they were. Afterall, it is quite amazing that a 1.5 pound baby has that much strength. I did set his mind at ease with the pregnancy books' literature of it being completely normal and good!

At the last Dr. visit I was given the orange drink for the glucose test. Kelly was excited and wanted to drink it himself as he loves the taste of orange soda. So in a couple of weeks I will get to take the glucose test!

I have continued my viewing of the baby shows and I just watched one where a mother had her baby girl and she was 26 weeks with the baby being 18 days smaller than normal. It was so amazing to see this tiny little girl and realize that my little boy was this size and could potentially be delivered right now and still survive. I really did not think that it was possible. Wow!

As I enter week 25 I am still bewildered by the whole thing. As much as I keep saying it and as common as it is, I still cannot believe that I am growing another little human being inside me and that he is a product of my wonderful husband and I.

Oh, oh, oh. We picked out a baby theme for the nursery and furniture. We went shopping with my parents and found perfect deep mahogany/cherry wood furniture that will go perfect in his room AND it was high quality, not too expensive and had all the 5 star ratings from customers. And as an early shower gift, the crib, dresser, changing table and glider are all a gift from my parents. So we are truly grateful.

The rest will go on the registry of course! I wanted to go ahead and get the bedding and decorative stuff, but my mom said to just put it on the registry. So I said, "Ok."

We also reviewed and picked the high chair, the stroller, the pack n' play and all those essentials. It's so funny that we think we need just about everything out there made for babies and then you look back 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and what did they have? But, we all say - we NEED this stuff!

Next weekend I am having lunch with my mom, best friend and her mom to plan the shower. They belong to a beautiful country club and offered it as a location. So, of course, we accepted!

Then February comes and we begin Child Birth classes and all that goes along with them. It is all going by so fast. I think the only time that seemed to take too long was waiting for that 8 week ultrasound appointment. The one that confirmed in my mind that, yes, there is a baby in there and the tests were right.

Then the morning sickness seemed to last forever, when in reality I was very lucky to only have a few weeks of it and to have never actually gotten sick.

And here it is in my 6th month of pregnancy and we are preparing for another life to join us. We are so in love with our dogs and can't imagine what life was like without them, so I can only imagine how we will feel when we hold our little bundle of joy! I look at those ultrasound pictures and I just can't wait to see him and hold him and show him off!

Ooops, I think I am already becoming the annoying mother.


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