Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerChristmas was great! Good ole family fun! My cousin came over with her little scruffy puppy, who managed to poop, vomit...

Christmas was great! Good ole family fun! My cousin came over with her little scruffy puppy, who managed to poop, vomit and stir our boy dog wild. It was very cute.

My husband and I were suprised to get baby gifts already. Our little boy already has a mini wardrobe, a quilt, a rocking chair that was Kelly's when he was a baby and some wooden toys made by Kelly's grandfather compliments of Christmas.

This marked the week of lower back pain. I think it was all the cooking and cleaning and hosting. Though, Kelly and my family helped so much, there is something about having an Italian family and meal that doesn't allow much sitting time in the kitchen. I don't know how or why, but we always manage to make a meal big enough for an army and still manage to have very little leftovers and a ton of cleaning.

After Christmas, we had another Ultrasound so that they could get some pictures of a few things they missed last time. This time we got some great profile shots. Out little muffin seemed to be practicing yoga in there. He had his toes touching his forehead and they were turned so that we could see the all the toes and everything. Sooo cute.

I was so excited when after the sonogram I was taken to the Dr.'s office and they forgot to weigh me. Now, granted I know how much I've gained, but when you hit the scale at a Dr.'s office, you have your clothes on, your shoes on (they don't allow pregnant women to take off their shoes to weigh themselves - some kind of safety measure) and when it's in the afternoon just after lunch you know there's a good amount of added weight that you didn't account for at home. Unfortunately, my Dr. noticed the missing numbers in the weight section of my chart and I was bound to the scale for the weigh in.Luckily, my Dr. who has two children herself, one fairly new, understands and accounts for the added poundage and doesn't look at me like I am a complete pregger food addict. So all in all I have gained about 17 pounds.

I am certainly proud of the tummy I sport, I am just still in awe of the rear I sport as well. I mean is it really necessary? I guess if it's necessary to have another helping of food, it's necessary to have another helping in the rear.

For New Years Eve we went to a party with friends and family and we danced, however my dancing attracted many belly touchers and a nice little back ache at the end of the night. So I think I will have retired my heels for the rest of my pregnancy.

And now it is the New Year and my resolution is this - be the best mom ever!


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