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This past week it turned out my contractions wouldn't slow down. What I felt when I wrote the last journal entry kept growing stronger. By Tuesday I wound up having them every five to eight minutes pretty consistently throughout the day. I also started having that premenstrual cramp feeling and pain going into my legs as well.

I called my doctor and of course they said to lie down and drink water and if they don't stop or at least slow down, then come in. I did that and they didn't stop so after getting my son to bed I headed to the hospital. I had my bag packed and everything I would need left at the door with instructions for my husband to bring them if this was the real deal and I was staying. I hate being one to jump the gun so I opted to drive myself and have Neal wait until I called him.

To sum things up I wound up being there for four hours with the same thing, contractions every five minutes. However I was dilated only a finger tip and wasn't effaced at all so they opted to give me a shot to stop the contractions. That worked for about a half an hour and they came back. But the new test they can do where they take a culture from your cervix and see if you're at risk for preterm labor came back negative. So they sent me home with instructions to pretty much rest, drink lots of water and stop doing anything active. She specifically said no malls. Fortunately I'm pretty much finished shopping. It's my dear husband who is going to get the short end of the deal, but hopefully I'll be able to add a couple presents for him once the baby is here or if it isn't too late order something online. The problem is he is the most difficult person in the world to shop for. Anything he wants he just gets himself and he always says he doesn't need anything, just sock and underwear. How boring is that.

Back to the contractions, that night I was up until one a.m. with them and then from 3-5a.m. and up again at 7a.m. I didn't understand why they were getting so painful even with the medication and nothing happening as far as dilation goes. However, my doctor asked for me to come in that morning before noon so I did. The nurse practitioner, after the end of the appointment said you know what you have, "You have a pretty bad bladder infection." So that's what has been contributing to these horrible contractions. The thing is I have felt like I've had a bladder infection through most of this pregnancy, but every time I've been tested it has shown that I didn't. So I've just learned to just deal with the feeling. I guess this time I should have taken it more seriously. Apparently having one can bring on preterm labor. The nurse seemed upset they didn't do a urine test at the hospital. I thought that was weird too because I had asked them if they wanted one. Oh well, at least now I know that there was a reason for all the contractions. I'm not on antibiotics four times a day. I'm still having contractions, though not as close together.

Now that I'm starting my 36th week I definitely feel better about the potential of something happening. I of course would love it if this baby hung in there until after Christmas, but I've accepted that if she is born right close to it I'll just celebrate her half birthday so she doesn't feel like it's overshadowed. The good thing about this very real feeling that it was time is that all the last minute things with her room are wrapped up. It also has given me permission to stop adding things to my to do list. I told my husband last night that it's so hard for me to sit still, but in a small way I'm excited about having to just veg out and watch TV at night. Of course, I did think, maybe I should work on some scrapbook pages for him (one's I never did from when he was a baby). So I may do that because I can do it sitting down. But I'm honestly pretty tired right now and all I want to do is rest.

I should add that I had a total emotional melt down before heading to the hospital. While I was getting my son to bed (fortunately my husband was here to hang with him so he didn't see me crying) I had this overwhelming feeling that I wasn't ready to have two and I felt so worried about him adjusting alright. It's so different when you're expecting a second child. I'm honestly more concerned about him than I am myself. I know it'll all be fine. But at that moment I felt like it was all happening so fast.

Oh I forgot to mention that when I was in L&D I told them the next night was my son's first Christmas recital and I really was bummed that I might have to miss it. They wanted to stop my contractions to keep her in there a week longer at least, but the nurse said my doctor and she both being parents 'get it' and they both wanted to make sure I was able to be there. I happily sat in the second row last night watching what I felt was a sort of 'rite of passage' in the parenthood book - seeing your child's first recital. It was so cute. Of course it was essentially organized chaos. It was so sweet though. I almost died laughing towards the end because Jackson is usually asleep by 6:45-7:00 at night and the recital started at 7:00. At the end when they had everyone singing Silent Night I thought he might just lie down and pass out right there. He gets really tired when he hears slow songs like that. He was so excited afterwards though and of course enjoyed some cookies at the 'after party.'

I did manage to have my husband take a picture of me and my belly right before leaving for the hospital just in case this was it. We took some neat belly shots of Jackson on a night that turned out to be the night before I went into labor with him. I wanted to try to capture something like that, although we didn't have time so we just used my digital and didn't use the flash. It was the best we could do. I'm happy to share that picture and a picture of Ava's nursery with you. I hope you're all enjoying your pregnancies.

Until next week,
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