Jackie's Ongoing Pregnancy Journal

As I write this I just have this gut feeling that this baby is coming soon. I've been having braxton hicks contractions off and on with more frequency since Tuesday. I lost my mucus plug (sorry for the TMI) today and just have been having this general feeling of pressure as though I feel the baby pushing down and my cervix opening.

Call it mother's intuition, but I feel this need to get those last minute things ready so I'm packing and we got the car seat out of the attic tonight. I'm currently washing the cover. I haven't had it installed yet, but did find a lady who'll come to your house and do it (long story, but last time around my husband and dad did it without reading the instructions and it was pretty loose. My sister and I had to struggle with it getting Jackson home and finally a few days later I had the CHP install it properly.) I'm somewhat paranoid about the infant car seat being put in correctly. As a former hard news reporter I covered too many stories about how the number one cause of death is drowning and the number two cause of death is improperly installed car seats. So, I do have an appointment with the CHP on Dec. 21st., but I felt like just in case I should have a back up plan.

Earlier in the week I sat down and wrote a five page list of all the important contact numbers for us, our neighbors, Jackson's school and emergency numbers for doctors, the hospital and my dog's vet just in case any of them are needed in my absence.

A mom friend of mine asked me what I was doing in case I went into labor in the middle of the night and needed someone to watch Jackson before my parent's could get here (they live two hours away). I realized I hadn't thought of that, so it was a good question. It prompted me to ask my neighbor who lives across the street to see if she'd be ok with coming over. She seemed honored that I asked her and is actually excited to be a part of my first people to call. So I do feel a little better about having things ready. I also wrote out detailed instructions on how to get to Jackson's school and home again and also his entire routine for the day. It's important to me that he stays on the same routine for bedtime so he doesn't get overtired and then really cranky.

I've also emailed my sister all the important email addresses so she can send out updates on when I'm in labor and when the baby is born. I know I'm only 35 weeks and technically this baby should cook at least a week longer, preferably two, but I just have this feeling that it's coming sooner. Maybe like everything, the second time around the signs seem stronger and since I know what to look for and what things feel like maybe I'm just more sensitive. I don't know. Like I've said a million times before everything has felt different this time around so I kind of keep talking myself out of thinking this is it. But I'm also getting ready just in case.

I actually finished Jackson's baby book last night too. Whoo Hoooo! That was a major one on the to do list. I didn't want it hanging over my head with a whole other baby book to work on. I also finished sewing the pillow shams and have organized by date all the photos I ordered. They're still not in the albums though (hoping I might have enough energy to finish that tonight). I have accepted that some things will just have to wait.

My husband was out of town all week covering the opening of the new casino in Palm Springs. I found myself really enjoying my one on one time with Jackson. I kept to our routine, but I made sure I didn't feel torn over doing other things. I focused completely on having fun with him. I know he's excited about being a big brother, but I know things will be different for him once Ava is here. I want to savor these last days with him alone. At my baby shower a friend gave me a book called, "Look who's a big brother" where you insert photos of your child. It has all kinds of things about him and what he likes to do. I printed out what I could for the pages up until the baby arrives. We read it tonight and he seemed to think it was really neat.

I'm getting excited about seeing this little person and finding out what she looks like. Last time I pondered all these things so much more. This time having a toddler it has felt different. Perhaps because I haven't had the down time to just think about things. But now that it feels so close, I'm excited about all of those things. I'm also excited just to hold a newborn and to put her in my bjorn. Oh, I also forgot to mention that my colostrum started leaking a couple of nights ago. The fact that I keep feeling that tingling feeling that happens before a let down makes me feel like my body is just getting ready to take care of this baby.

Wow....I also just feel sort of surreal about it all. I know I've been pregnant for many months now, but sometimes it still feels shocking that we're about to have another baby. My husband says he feels the same way. I can't wait to keep you updated. Hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies so far!

Until next time,
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