Jackie's Ongoing Pregnancy Journal

JackieI'm not only getting up there in weeks, but also in weight. I've now gained 33 pounds, which was the...

I'm not only getting up there in weeks, but also in weight. I've now gained 33 pounds, which was the amount I gained with Jackson at 37 weeks. Eeks. I have had a much more insatiable appetite this time and my husband (yes I'm blaming him) keeps buying ice cream. So I've indulged a few more times than I should have. We also just celebrated our 8th anniversary this week. We were married over Thanksgiving weekend in 1996. Well, what did my hubby buy me, but what is generally my favorite desert in the whole world, a cheesecake. Ok, so I know I really shouldn't be eating all this stuff. But I found out from a gastro-intestinal specialist that once you've had one child with a lactose intolerance problem it's most likely your other children will have problems too. So that answered my question about whether I should just cut out dairy right away. Since I know I will be, I figured I might as well just eat all the dairy I want now.

I spent some free time this week stocking up on a few things like a cd of white noise for when the baby first comes home (I'm testing out Dr. Karp's theory that the room shouldn't be silent, but you should make it more like the womb which sounds like a vacuum cleaner) breastfeeding bras and breast pads. I can't stand them and found last time the kind I liked the best were fabric that you could wash. I also discovered there's now something called lily padz. They're really weird and different, but my old lactation consultant said they work great and people have been really happy with them. They're clear and a sort of silicone kind of material that sticks to your breast actually preventing you from leaking. It sounds weird, but she says they work. The greatest thing is they're thin and don't make a protruding puffy circle that all the world can see through your t-shirt. I also got a cool blanket called the miracle blanket that makes swaddling like a tight little papoose way easier. I can't wait to test it out.

Tomorrow my church is having their Christmas tea. Last year more than 800 women attended. A bunch of ladies host tables that seat eight or ten people. Last year I hosted with a friend. This year we're hosting again, only it wound up being two tables so essentially I'm hosting a ten-seat table alone. I'm responsible for all the china, water glasses, tea cups, serving trays, centerpiece, gift and the list goes on. It's a lot of preparation and set up, but also a lot of fun. Before the tea they have a couple of women talk about what Jesus has meant to them in their life and there's also singing and music and finally one of the pastors reads "A Cup of Christmas Tea". This year my mom and my friend's mom will be coming up. It should be a fun day, but I have a feeling I'm going to be wiped out.

Speaking of being wiped out. I took my son to the Huntington Library Children's Garden yesterday and can barely walk or get up off the floor because of all the walking we did. I also talked to my OB at my appointment about this inner thigh, lower abdomen pain I'm having. She recommended sitting on a birthing ball as much as possible and also getting something called a v-belt. I'm honestly not sure that I want to wear one or that it's even worth it with the number of weeks I have left. I know it's kind of vain of me. But it looks like it would make wearing my pants even more uncomfortable than they already are.

Well...what else is new on the pregnancy front. I got to hang out with my friend who had her baby in October and she made me feel positive about something. What I suspected is true. She said she is enjoying all the little things a lot more since this is the second baby and it's not such a whirlwind of uncertainties. That makes me happy because it's what I'm hoping will happen for me.

As much as I'd like to write more, I have to finish packing up my things for the tea and try to get some rest. I hope everyone's enjoying their pregnancies!

Until next time,


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