Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerNothing major. I am a long haired person and didn't go drastic or anything. Just added some shape, layers, bangs and stuff....

Nothing major. I am a long haired person and didn't go drastic or anything. Just added some shape, layers, bangs and stuff. Just enough to bring a little spunk back to myself. Not that a protruding stomach isn't spunky.

My face has pretty much cleared up and my chest and back are almost there. However, I think I am acting more hormonal now at this hormonal stabilizing stage then I did in the beginning.

Classic example: I had my AFP screening appointment this last week and my husband let me off outside the office and went to park the car. He does not like the whole blood thing, especially happening to me, so I told him to wait in the car and relax and I would call him to come back when the appointment was done.

So 20 minutes later, the appointment was done. I called him on his cell and there was no answer. So I figured, maybe he was on another business call or something and would see that I was calling and come get me. Nope. So another call to him and still no answer. Then about 12 more calls and still no answer. So now I was freaking and it had been almost a half hour that I had been trying to reach him. So I ventured off to each parking level of the underground structure to find him.

I started to worry so much that something wasn't right and that he wasn't ok. My phone then started dying, so the only thing I could think of was to call my friend and have her pick me up. I tried so hard to be calm, but once I heard her voice on her voicemail I immediately broke down crying and telling her how scared I was.

Now, keep in mind that it had been maybe 30 minutes, pure daylight, lots of people walking around, extremely safe area. Yet, still, I am crying as if I have been left outside the worst possible neighborhood and I have no means of getting anywhere and that my face will be the next on the news with a story of how my husband was taken away by some unforeseen force. Dramatic? You bet.

So after I call her, I have one second left on my phone of battery and try my husband one more time. Victory! He answered in a very sleepy voice. Now he did mention that he would probably fall asleep in the car since I was early to my appointment and it may take awhile. But, that escaped me at the time.

Alas, he had fallen asleep with the radio on and the ringer on his phone with a volume of almost nil. He couldnt bare to listen to my weeping messages and had me erase them and my friend said she was crying for a good time after hearing my message. Apparently it was the first time she's ever heard me cry in the 11 years of our friendship. I guess those hormones decided that it was a good time to let it all out.

Such a tramatic experience for something so untramatic. Now, it's quite humorous and something to really laugh about - until my next break


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