JackieIs it weird that people keep commenting this week in particular that I've really popped? I agree that I feel...

Is it weird that people keep commenting this week in particular that I've really popped? I agree that I feel bigger, but I didn't realize it was so obvious. I think she's definitely had a growth spurt in the last week because the skin above my belly button feels like it's being stretched to the limit. I feel like she's growing straight out where my son went out, but also spread to the sides. This time I actually still see my waist, but it means my tummy is looking like a torpedo. I'm not kidding and now it has a sort of downward slope. Two people that I see on a weekly basis commented that it looks like she has dropped. Interestingly, when I was pregnant with Jackson, even the night before I had him someone commented that I didn't look like I had dropped yet. I figured it was just because I have a short torso. That last week he was already at plus one station (so he definitely had dropped), I was 100 percent effaced and was one centimeter dilated. So I didn't buy into the way people say you look like you've dropped. I figure it didn't fit for me. But she really does seem lower than he was. Who knows. This whole pregnancy has felt different.

I'm also having insane groin pain again. A few years ago I actually tore that muscle pushing myself too hard in a kickboxing class. The next morning when I woke up I couldn't put weight on my leg. It's feeling like that again tonight. It's what my doctor said was from the ligaments stretching and the relaxin. I'm afraid I triggered it by running after my dog today. We have one of those mobile groomers that comes every month and a half. She hates being groomed and after having Jackson I'd find it was such a pain to leave her somewhere for four to six hours. Inevitably they'd call me to pick her up right in the middle of his nap. So I found this groomer and have been using them. I figure it's better for her to not have to sit in a little cage all that time too. She still absolutely hates any groomer. She runs away and hides in her crate. My husband will literally have to pick the crate up off the floor and tip her out. She won't come out for anything. What I do is keep my eye out for them and get her outside before they make it to our front door and she sees them. I did that today, but the little bugger turned around and actually pushed the front door in by jumping against it. She ran all through the living room peeing (she's a cocker spaniel, need I say more) and then even piddled on the arm of my couch. The couch that stains even if you spill water on it. I know that she looses all contents of her bladder over nervousness with the groomer so that's why I went running after her. But in the end, I didn't prevent the damage I was hoping to prevent and now my body is feeling it for trying to run after her.

Again, this is another example of how different things are. Last time I was doing these brisk uphill walks through our neighborhood and hiking with my husband up until the very end. This time if I exert myself too much I'm paying the price. Well, I guess that excuses me from working out. I hope I don't regret it after the baby is born. But I am hoping that my experience with breastfeeding will be the same. I honestly lost the baby weight so quickly and was smaller than my pre-pregnancy size because for me breastfeeding burned the calories off like crazy. I also wasn't sleeping much which in my estimation burns more calories and I had to cut out all dairy. Jackson had blood in his stool and I found out it was because he was lactose intolerant. Since I was strictly breastfeeding I just cut out all dairy. I've never been so dedicated to something before in my life. I could never have given up cheese, yogurt, chocolate, baked goods if it were just for me. But knowing it hurt him so much I did it for the entire first year. I honestly think if people want to lose weight, that's the way to do it.

I recently was wondering whether I should just not eat dairy right off the bat, or try it and see if this baby reacts badly to it too. I'm not sure what I'll do. I've been thinking about that and caffeine. With Jackson I was so desperate I'd justify that a little coffee in the morning wouldn't hurt him. But I honestly think it can affect them so I'm going to try not to drink coffee.

I also have come to the conclusion that I'll be ok with whenever this baby is born. I decided I'll just celebrate her birthday a little late or a little early if she winds up coming close to Christmas day. I was feeling worried that I didn't want her to be 'jipped' by having her birthday so close to such a big holiday. But I'm letting it go. My sister even reminded me how cool it would it be if her birthday was New Year's Eve or New Year's Day because people are always celebrating and it would be fun as she gets older to get to celebrate her birthday too.

My sister also has her schedule worked out to have a couple of weeks off starting around the first of the year so she'll be here. My husband has promised to take four days off. Since he runs his own company, you'd think it would be easy, but it's actually harder because he has to keep things going and he never says no to a client for fear of losing them. So he says yes to the job, but then will get another cameraman to do the shoot. However, if they're all busy he has to do it. That has come back to bite us on more than a few occasions, including the second night in the hospital when Jackson was born. Neal had to leave to work so my sister spent the night with me. That kind of bummed me out and this time around I really want him here for Jackson.

Speaking of Jackson, his temper tantrums have really calmed down and I am so grateful for that. I'm also really making sure he gets to bed early which is helping. Our next big Preschool event for him is they're having a Christmas recital. The youngest class, which is his, will be the manger animals. He says he wants to be a cow. So I'm on a hunt for a brown or white hooded sweatshirt to make an easy cow costume. So far, no luck. I've found green and red and blue and gray, but not brown or white. I'm hoping this comes together easily and isn't another one of those projects that takes up a bunch of time.

I did want to mention that my 'placenta' brain has hit big time. I went out to Babies R Us to pick up his stroller and a few things for the nursery like new changing pad covers and a sheet and hangers. When I got home I had Neal unload the car. He took everything out of the bag and I couldn't find the sheet. I thought maybe it had fallen in the trunk. But it wasn't there. Then I thought it was highly possible it fell in the parking lot when I was heaving the stroller box into the car. That was fun with my belly and son in tow. Anyway, I called and they said they couldn't find it, but if they did they'd hold it. If not, they'd give me a store credit.

Because this Babies R Us is about a half an hour from me it took a few days for me to get back there. On my way there it dawned on me that the baby hangers I bought weren't in my bag either. Then when I went to customer service she had the bag waiting and informed me they also had the baby detergent I paid for as well. Duh. Now I must say, it was the cashier that was loading my cart so she actually forgot to put the bag in my cart. But it was me who walked away and loaded my car and then went several days without realizing I was missing a whole bag of items I purchased. I'm glad they were still there waiting for me. It did make me realize I think I'm starting to lose it.

Oh, I almost forgot that the reason I wrote family time in the title is my husband is actually taking a family day tomorrow. He has traveled every week for the last four weeks so I was really looking forward to this. Of course now, with this leg pain I'm so glad he's going to be home to help with Jackson. But one of the things we're doing is going to a free Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang concert. She's a children's musician. Jackson will love it and it'll be nice to hang out as a family.

I also finally ordered all 650 prints from the pictures we've taken over the last year. They arrived yesterday. Guess I'll be spending some time inserting them into photo albums. :) It really never ends I guess, but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies so far. 32 weeks. It's amazing how fast this time has gone.

Until next time,
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