Jackie's Ongoing Pregnancy Journal

JackieMy oh my, is my stomach moving with such great force these days. This little lady just doesn't stop. She's...

My oh my, is my stomach moving with such great force these days. This little lady just doesn't stop. She's rocking and rolling my stomach the majority of the day and night. Maybe my memory isn't serving me correctly, but I really don't remember it being like this with Jackson. I do recall one or two rib jabs that really made me take notice, but it wasn't the kind of thing that happened repeatedly throughout the day every day. I know it's better than not having enough movement, so I'm trying to just enjoy it. It's so amazing to look at the little body parts moving across my entire stomach and to try to figure out what they are. It's so hard to explain this to someone whose never felt it before.

It's funny, a mom who just had her third child commented to me that she misses being pregnant. It made me think about how I was sentimental too about being pregnant. Even before I knew I was pregnant with this baby I had glamorized everything about it. But I realize we easily forget the all day sickness, the sciatica pains, the ligament stretching, the shortness of breath, the heartburn, the bladder issues, the inability to feel comfortable or 'comfty' as Jackson would say. There are so many things that aren't so glamorous about being pregnant. But I think the miracle of carrying life inside you overshadows all of the minor discomforts.

My spirits are much better this week. I'm feeling like I have things a little better under control and I did hire a babysitter to come one day a week for four hours. Right now it'll allow me to get things done during the day. After the baby is born, perhaps it'll allow me to take a nap or run errands or just feel like someone else is here to help play with Jackson while I take care of feeding the baby etc. It's so weird to think about it not being just me and him anymore. I know in the long run though it'll be great for him to have a little sister.

He's totally into boy humor these days so when I told him babies have very loud poops that make tooter noises he giggled hysterically and said he wanted her to come out now so he could hear them. I guess it's good for him to be excited, no matter what the reason. He and I went to babies r us and bought the sit and stand stroller today. I didn't want a big double stroller since he's going to be almost three and really doesn't need one. However, I was worried he'd want to sit in the front seat. Thankfully though he was totally excited about the little jump seat. I also got a new crib sheet and new changing pad covers. I'm feeling more and more like things are falling into place.

Now I just have to keep praying that baby Ava stays put until after January 2nd. I'd prefer her to be born as close to her due date as possible. But particularly after January 2nd because my OB is going to be on vacation from December 26th until then. I hadn't actually calculated what date 37 weeks would be, but my husband informed me the other night it would be December 23rd. I know most women would love to have their pregnancy end early, but to have a baby two days before Christmas is the last thing I'd want. I know it's not up to me and it's all in God's hands. It doesn't hurt to put in a little request though...right?

It does remind me that again I'm not at all eager to have my pregnancy end. I felt that way with Jackson and I do feel that way again. I thought I might not, but I'm savoring these last weeks of what could be my last pregnancy. Because I haven't ruled out a third and say I'll make up my mind when Ava's two I can't say it's the last, but in my gut I have a feeling it probably will be. That's weird to think about. It seems I should somehow be soaking it all in even more intensely. I don't want to look back and think I didn't appreciate this time or this experience enough.

Continuing in my attempt to get more sleep at night, I'm going to sign off now. I hope everyone else is enjoying their pregnancies so far.

Until next time,


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