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JackieThis week was interesting. Over Saturday, Sunday and Monday I was having quite a lot of braxton hicks contractions. When...

This week was interesting. Over Saturday, Sunday and Monday I was having quite a lot of braxton hicks contractions. When they'd get more intense I'd time them and realized they were four minutes apart. That would last about a half an hour and then it would calm down. I could deal with that and wasn't too worried. But Monday morning, Jackson who wound up developing a sinus infection and was sleeping horribly woke at 4:30 in the morning for the day. When I got out of bed to go to him I was having all this pain walking. It felt like I was being spread apart from the inside and the only memory I could relate it to was when his head was descending when I was in true labor. So I started to truly worry. That day I seriously couldn't fathom even getting ready to try to take Jackson somewhere to burn off some steam at a park or play place. I was so exhausted and uncomfortable. I kept thinking it's probably a false alarm and knew I had an ob appointment the next morning so I was trying to just stay calm and get through the day. But by 3:00 I decided to call my doctor and explain the feelings I was having. On top of all the braxton hicks and the internal pain I was also having a lot of lower back pain. Her nurse called back after talking to my OB and said she wanted me to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored.

Fortunately my sister had a layover and was staying the night with us so I waited until she got to my house to leave. I didn't want Jackson in the hospital with me and I wanted him to stick to his schedule and be asleep by 7:00. So I was monitored for a couple of hours. The contractions that started out at four minutes apart slowed down to 40 minutes apart, which is normal. I also had an internal ultrasound to find out that my cervix was long, thick and closed. That was great news. We could see that her head was resting on my cervix and my OB said it probably is why I was feeling so much pressure. She also said the internal pain was my ligaments stretching and that it's because this is the second pregnancy that they're actually causing so much pain. She said I probably didn't even feel it the first time around, or barely compared to the second time. I felt better knowing that it's normal in case it happens again. I was instructed to rest more and drink more water. My OB also did a quick ultrasound to confirm that it is a girl and there's absolutely no question.

About a week ago I had a dream that the birth went really well and I was calm and peaceful. That made me happy. The funny part is that I was holding the baby looking down at it noticing that the nose look like my husband's and so did the chin. Then someone said, "And it's a boy." In the dream I thought that was funny and honestly wasn't bummed, but my next thought was that the nursery was so girly, the poor little guy. Anyway, I mentioned the dream to my doctor so that's why she gave me the visual reassurance to know I can keep moving forward with the nursery.

Speaking of which, tomorrow my sister is going to paint the walls for me. We're going to try to get all the prepping done while Jackson is in school. Since she got here on Friday I've cleared out and organized my closet, she organized my most disheveled kitchen cupboard, I cleared out my car and got it washed (it had been needing it for weeks) and have sorted through a few 'to do' piles.

Have I mentioned that my nesting urges have just shot through the roof. I think it's so strong right now because I want to get things done before the holidays so I can enjoy them like everyone else. I think I may have actually taken my nesting to a new insane level. I can admit I'm going a bit overboard, but I can't help it. What has happened is so many kids in Jackson's class have been having birthdays that he's always asking what we're going to do. I was a little worried about this next birthday since the new baby will only be about a month and a half old. So I decided to go ahead and pick a date and book his kindermusik teacher to do a class at the nearby park. I even got some paper and started making the invitations. I decided on a theme and actually saw a couple of things that would work for party favors so I started getting them together. His birthday is in March. I know this is insane, but I also know I won't be able to do this once the baby is here so I'm trying to get it all ready now.

That also got me thinking that I should do as much as I can for the baby's announcement now. With Jackson I stayed up until two in the morning one night only to have him wake at four and six in the morning. I regretted staying up that late so much the next day. So I decided to assemble all I can now and I'll just add the photo and wording after she's born.

I'm getting this journal entry in a little late due to all the activities with my sister being here and my shower on Saturday. It was a really nice day. I actually was totally calm and not feeling this rushed sense I've been feeling so often these days. I knew this was a day to just relax. I actually blew my hair straight (which rarely happens these days) and then Michelle (my sis) let me go get my nails done. This is something I used to do on a regular basis, but have only once during this pregnancy. I honestly so often feel like I have too much to do so I wind up not making it a priority. But on Saturday I headed out to find a place. The first two were too busy, one said in twenty minutes, the other said not until one o'clock. The third place I walked in, they had two ladies ready and waiting. It was more than what I usually pay, but they had those big chairs with built in massagers inside and little whirlpool foot baths. They also had a big screen TV with the food network on and a beautiful mural on the wall. It was clean and decorated nicely. They also not only used a pumice on my feet, but used a scrub that made my legs and feet tingle for about a half an hour. It was such a nice treat. I realized it had been a long time since I let myself stop and just do something relaxing.

It was nice getting to see all my friends and family for a whole three hours uninterrupted by children. I also got lots of fun pink things and girly clothes. Some of my favorite gifts were a blanket my Mom knitted, a quilt a family friend made using some of the fabrics that had been my Grandmothers. I also got three little Ralph Lauren girl outfits and a sage green corduroy dress from the store Janie and Jack. A group of Mom friends pooled their money for a gift certificate to babies r us. We've sort of all been doing this for events when there's a larger item we want to get for our child's birthday or a shower. So I have almost enough to get the sit and stand stroller that will carry both Jackson and the new baby.

It has been a roller coaster of a week, but thankfully I'm on the upswing right now. The baby is doing well and is still moving around like crazy. I forgot to mention that while I was being monitored I kept noticing the heart rate rising from the normal 145 to 150 up to 170 to 175. I was actually worried about it, but when my OB showed up I asked her if it meant the baby was in distress and she said, "No, it's great to see it, that's the equivalent of her skipping. It means she's healthy and doing well." While she was being monitored she also got the hiccups so I was able to hear them beep on the monitor. I haven't actually felt the hiccups, but I could hear them that night on the monitor. The next day during my OB appointment, the second that doppler was on my tummy to hear her heartbeat there was a loud bang which was the noise from her giving the doppler a swift punch or kick. This time the nurse practitioner said, "Boy she's an active one."

This is the third doctor or nurse that's told me she's an active one. I can tell from the inside too. I have this very strong suspicion she's going to be my wild child running all over the place. I hope not, but I sort of wonder if all of this movement is a precursor to what her personality will be like once she's here with us. I'll have to wait to find out.

Hope everyone's having a good week and enjoying your pregnancies so far.

Until next time,
Jackie PregnancyAndBaby.com


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