Spooky And Scary Ideas For Mommies To Be To Dress Up As For Halloween

Are you wondering what you should be for Halloween with this big belly that leads the way? We wanted to know what our some expectant mamas would be dressing up as this Halloween, so we posed the question to the ladies on our monthly pregnancy boards, to see what exciting ideas they had.
We got some wonderful responses -- a sampling of which we collected for you here.

Creative and crafty ideas
Katie (bearskat) on our Due in November message board is planning on dressing up as a skeleton, and painting a little baby skeleton on her belly. Dione, from the same board, hopes that her baby will be born before Halloween, but if he/she isn't, she's planning on dressing in all black and using face paint on her belly to make it look like a globe. (See more belly painting ideas here!)

Melanie (melliemelo), from our Due in December message board had the idea of buying a little alien doll, cutting a whole in her shirt where the belly is, and having the doll coming out of her belly. Her inspiration? The unfortunate situation Ripley's companion found himself in the movie Alien.

Meg, also due in December, wants to dress up as a man -- more specifically, a redneck guy. "Undershirt, dirty pants with my belly hanging out, charcoal 'stubble' on my face and carrying a 40 oz of Old Milwaukee."

Brandy, from our Due in January message board, thought about dressing up as a Pillsbury Dough girl, and Lisa (elaag) from Due in February is going to be a "Mummy-to-Be." She says, "I am going to dress in white and wrap myself up with either white gauze or white muslin fabric."

Traditional costume concepts
Laura (Lauras4Boys) on our DIN message board wants to paint her belly to look like a basketball. Kenzie (kenzie_tx), also on our DIN message board, wants to dress up as either a pea in the pod, with her belly being the pea. Otherwise, she wants to paint a box to resemble an oven, and having her belly be the 'bun.'

Amy (rylee381) who is DID and Lori (3, 2, NEW) who is DIJ, are both planning on buying some orange paints and dressing up like a pumpkin. On the same board, Kellie writes, "I dress up like a witch every year. Last year I was a Disco Witch -- red lamé witch hat and pants. This year I'll be a scary witch. I think [my husband] is going to paint a spider on my belly."

Tricia (Penny823) from Due in February message boards was thinking of dressing up as Humpty Dumpty, and her friend Cynnder from DIF was thinking about dressing as a pregnant cheerleader.

Kaoni from DIM had lots of ideas. "1) Cat in the Hat -- cut a hole from the belly [of a shirt] and paint my belly as fish bowl with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. 2) Skeleton -- paint a tiny skeleton over my hipbones for the baby with a puffy fabric paint. (My husband (DH) thinks this is too macabre,) 3) A Witch -- again, cut hole from belly, paint a huge pumpkin that I can 'carry' around all night. 4) Have DH go as a baker (apron and chef's hat) and me as his stove (large box painted like a stove, hanging from shoulder straps). When you open the oven door, my belly is painted as a bun."PregnancyAndBaby.com

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