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JackieThis feels like it has been a whirlwind week. I had a record terrible toddler day on Tuesday where he...

This feels like it has been a whirlwind week. I had a record terrible toddler day on Tuesday where he literally yelled at me all day long. I could do nothing right and everything set him off including me going "pee pee." Everything was "No, you can't, I don't want to." I called Neal at 4 to find out he wouldn't be home till 8 pm and I told him I didn't think I'd survive the day.

I was having one of those "what am I doing having two when I can't handle one" kind of days and honestly felt so beat up. I was exhausted by the time I got him to bed. He just pushed me to every limit. I had to shut him in his room to give him some quiet time. Only he knows how to open the doors now (thanks to Daddy teaching him while they were in Maryland) and I actually resorted to holding the door shut from the hallway. How horrible is that? But I honestly needed him to chill out and I didn't know what else to do he was going crazy over everything.

The next day was better and when I picked him up from school he gave me a huge hug. It felt like he realized he put me through the ringer and he was trying to show me some affection. I have come to the conclusion that toddlers are pretty schizophrenic. One moment it's like they're possessed and the next they're the sweetest angels. I thought this was all a result of the trip, but I'm realizing I think it's just a coincidence and he's going through yet another phase of development. I keep hearing the terrible two's hit closer to three. Since he's 2 1/2 I guess that's fitting.

Anyway, one thing I realized is that he does better when I have things planned for the day rather than hanging out at home. So I've spent the last two days making sure we have Jackson things to do. Oh, and I also got a bizarre urge to drive to the outlet mall and do some Christmas shopping. I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly felt like I had the energy and like I wanted to get it done. I actually almost finished my shopping.

While I was looking for an outfit for my mom I realized Jackson had gotten awfully quiet in his stroller. I found he'd fallen asleep so that actually prolonged the amount of shopping I could do. I was really quite thrilled feeling like I got so much done. My husband doesn't get it, but I was happy.

I also managed to get several birthday gifts for all of the classmates birthdays we're getting invited to. I have such a large circle of mom friends whose birthdays we go to and now with classmates on top of that it's just better to keep my gift closet stocked in advance so I'm not stressing out when invites come our way.

The biggest news of my week? Well there are two big developments. First my doctor called to say my Igm numbers for the CMV virus had gone down meaning the virus is no longer active in my body. It's the first good news I've gotten in terms of testing I've had lately. I still won't know if the virus passed to the baby until she's born and we do a urine test on her, but at least the fact that the virus isn't growing and getting stronger in me means there's no longer a risk of it passing to her. Also, at this point my blood glucose is fine.

But the really big news is I found out today my good friend had her baby. She went into labor at two in the morning. She honestly thought it was a false alarm. She's about a month early, she was due November 11. But everything kept progressing and her baby boy was born at 5:15 tonight weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces. I am so excited for her. She's the first of many of us to bring new babies into the world.

But it seriously also scares me just a little because the thought of being that early would mean this baby would be born around December 15. I know it's totally not in my control. But that is truly the last thing I would want. I know most moms are eager to have their pregnancies end. I honestly want to have the baby as close to the due date as possible and as far from Christmas as possible. The ironic thing is I invited this same friend to come to the outlet mall with me and she almost met us there, but he daughter's nap got in the way. She really didn't think it was going to happen yet either. Pretty exciting.

All in all, I've found in the last couple of days that my energy is returning. Except for feeling exhausted at night, I have found that I'm able to get more done and not feel so sluggish during the day.

I hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies so far. Still haven't done the pumpkin belly painting, but hope to this week.

Until next time,

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