ShelahWe're getting a Krispy Kreme in town and my kids are so excited! For the last few years, trips to...

We're getting a Krispy Kreme in town and my kids are so excited! For the last few years, trips to my parents' house in a Chicago suburb and my in-laws' house in Utah have included a pilgrimage to Krispy Kreme. Bryce, who is four, could watch the donuts go through the assembly line for hours. I took the kids to another bakery in town the other day, and Bryce announced in a very loud voice, "After Krispy Kreme opens we won't have to come here to eat donuts anymore." I'm sure the proprietors appreciated that comment.

There is a baby-related point here. The new Krispy Kreme opens on October 12th, and since I've been thinking the entire pregnancy that I was doomed (or destined) to deliver the baby early, I've been telling the kids that after Isaac arrived we'd take the kids to Krispy Kreme. Incidentally, I've been telling them that they'd get their Halloween costumes, which my mom is making, after Isaac arrives too, but maybe I'll be wrong on that! If he's not here by Halloween the trick-or-treaters will need to fear the scary monster living at our house! Anyway, Bryce has it ingrained in his mind that he's going to go to the hospital to see his little brother, and proceed directly from the hospital to Krispy Kreme. Whenever we talk about going to the hospital to see the baby, he always talks about going to get donuts.

Annie (my two year-old) is also cracking me up as we get closer to the baby's arrival. I've been watching A Baby Story on TLC almost every afternoon. The kids usually watch it with me and get really excited when the mom goes to the hospital to give birth. Bryce almost always looks away when the baby comes out all covered in blood and good, but Annie thinks it's cool. She also thinks that every baby who is born is a baby girl--I guess she'll be rethinking that once ours comes out a boy. A couple of days ago I went upstairs right after the show ended and Bryce and Annie were playing downstairs. When I came back down a few minutes later, I found Annie lying on her back on the couch, knees pulled up to her sides and a pained expression on her face. She had a big doll stuffed up her shirt. Bryce was standing over her saying, "Push, push, push, push, push. Now breathe" over and over again. Then he yanked the baby out from her shirt and announced, "It's a boy!" He said that he wants to be at the hospital after Isaac comes so he can go into the hall and tell everyone that it's a boy.

We've also been reading a lot to prepare for the new baby. When Annie was born we got I'm a Big Brother Now and The New Baby. I decided to get a new one this time around because I really wanted a book that showed a baby breastfeeding. Annie keeps talking about feeding Isaac a bottle, and since I plan to breastfeed exclusively, I thought she should see what it looks like. So we bought Joanna Cole's How You were Born and borrowed The New Baby at Your House from a friend. Both kids seem really interested in the books, but Annie has reminded me several times that Isaac is living my uterus, and that she has a uterus too, but there's no baby inside. I heard her tell Eddie that his sperm helped make Isaac. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing for a two year-old. She's also the kid who told our preschool carpool friend that the thing between a boy's legs isn't a "peanut" but a "penis." Bryce might be too squeamish to follow his dad into medicine, but Annie sure seems to have a knack for the terminology.

So, while I'd love to have Isaac with us in the very near future, at least Bryce and Annie are keeping me laughing. Maybe laughing will help bring labor on (since pineapple, sex, eggplant parmesan and walking don't seem to be working for me).

Until next week! (Do I sound resolved?)

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