Consider treating yourself to some of the following relaxing and fun activities during the last weeks of your pregnancy. They'll take your mind off any discomforts or anxiety you may have and will help you enjoy what remains of your pre-baby life.
Christine Zuchora-Walske

  • Have your hair cut, colored or styled. (Make an appointment for your due date so you'll have something pleasant to do -- and something to show for it -- if your baby shows no signs of appearing.)

  • Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, facial, makeover or massage. (Be sure your massage therapist is experienced with prenatal massage.)

  • Go out for dinner with your partner or a close friend.

  • Plan a ceremony to celebrate your baby's birth.

  • Be the guest of honor at a baby shower.

  • Go shopping.

  • Work on handicrafts for your baby.

  • Have friends in for a visit.

  • Take in a movie, concert or play. (Sit in an aisle seat toward the back.)

  • Stage your own film festival with rented videos or DVDs.

  • Visit your local art museum or gallery. (It may be a while before you get another opportunity.)

  • Read those new novels now, while you have the chance!

  • Enjoy a day trip or an overnight or weekend getaway with your partner.

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