ShelahHappy October--by the end of this month I should be holding my baby! Well, I didn't have my baby this week....

Happy October--by the end of this month I should be holding my baby!

Well, I didn't have my baby this week. I know that's a good thing, but I must admit that part of me was secretly hoping that my blood pressure would be up at my last visit and the doctor would decide to induce on the spot. I know it sounds awful to say that, and I wouldn't really want all of the worries that come with having a baby born before term, but I'm ready to get this show on the road! Actually, my blood pressure was up a bit, but not bad enough to put me on bed rest or induce. Instead my doctor is having Eddie take it at home every day. So it's good that she's not overreacting, but I'm eager to be holding my baby (and not excited that I might have to wait six more weeks to do it).

So the other stats from the appointment are that I'm a whopping one centimeter dilated and 60 percent effaced. She gave me another ultrasound to check the baby's position and he's still head-down (and still a boy). I'm still measuring a couple of centimeters small, but because of the results of the growth ultrasound two weeks ago, the doctor isn't worried. I still feel great and I'm carrying the baby really high. Unfortunately I think I still feel a little bit too good. Other than the inevitable discomforts of the third trimester (like having to pee every 15 minutes--I swear I go through a whole roll of toilet paper every day) and the fact that I've been sleeping about 4 hours a night the last few nights because I've been up with sick kids, I don't have any major complaints. One new development in the last week or so is that every night for about two hours (from 8-10, like clockwork), I have some pretty regular, sometimes painful contractions. I guess I'd still call them Braxton-Hicks at this point, especially since my cervix doesn't seem to be changing too much, but it's sort of encouraging that my body seems to be recognizing that the end is near. So while my very-closely watched pot isn't boiling (isn't even simmering), I'd say that the water is slowly starting to warm up. I hope that all of the walking I'm doing is helping. I walked in the evening instead of the morning last night and my belly was like a rock the entire time.

I've mentioned before that I've been posting on an internet bulletin board for other moms due in October. When I first started reading and posting over there one of my friends cautioned that the atmosphere on her birth board seemed really competitive. She joined shortly after her baby was born and said that the moms spent most of their time comparing (and stressing over) when their kids hit milestones like rolling over and smiling and walking. For the last eight months, the atmosphere over there has been pretty cordial, with everyone talking about symptoms, ultrasounds, and life in general. Now that we're all approaching our due dates, I can understand what my friend was talking about. Yeah, everyone is still friendly with each other, but it seems like everyone (me included, probably especially me) is looking really closely at their body for signs of impending labor and comparing their signs with everyone else's. Recent threads have included titles like "Have you lost your plug?," "What are you doing to soften your cervix?," "I'm 3 cm and 50 percent effaced, what about you?," and "How many contractions are you having?" In some ways I think I shouldn't even be visiting the board anymore right now, especially considering that I'm due at the very end of the month and some of the women are past their due dates already, but I'm drawn to it like a crowd is drawn to a train wreck.

Sorry for being so crabby, I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. The pathetic thing is that I'm sure I'm getting more now, even if it is on the freezing-cold floor of my kids' room, than I will be a month from now when Isaac is here. But the flip side of that is that once he is here, the waiting will be over!

Until next week (I'm sure!),

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