SummerThe 8th week and 9th week were so yucky. I felt so sick and unproductive. I discovered that I was more...

The 8th week and 9th week were so yucky. I felt so sick and unproductive. I discovered that I was more of an asset asleep then awake. My husband did everything, while I whined, dined and slept. And then at the end of week 9 and beginning of week 10 I felt some relief. The all day sickness is diminishing by the day and I have very few moments of just plain queasiness.

Something that is not, by any means, diminishing is the size of my stomach. I went out with Kelly and bought big old sweat pants and big old comfy tops. I feel much better about the whole thing now.

I feel I have a bit more energy. Nausea seems to drain so much out of you. However, I get these dizzy spells and I can't visit the bathroom enough. I feel as if I am on diuretics and should be losing weight from the amount of times I pee a day.

When I walk up the stairs, I am winded. When I was first told that my heart rate can only go up to 140 BPM when exercising, I questioned the point of exercise at all. I usually get up to 190 BPM with high intensity cardio. Now I am tired and out of breath at 125 BPM. Dr. says it's the amount of blood volume now. It's double now. Makes sense. I still feel like an out of shape goon. But, a happy one, at that.

I dreamt about the baby last night and it was a girl. But, that doesn't really mean anything. I also dreamt that Kelly and I accidentally left her in her infant car seat at some place and didn't realize it till we were in our car driving away and I panicked.

Then today our dogs were playing and Molly, (our yellow lab) got her jaw caught in Max's (our boxer shepherd mix) collar and he could barely breathe. We panicked like we never ever panicked before. We tried so hard to loosen the collar and move her jaw out, but it kept getting tighter and Max was looking into my eyes with such trepidation and desperation cause he could barely breathe. He stopped for a few seconds which felt like forever. Kelly ran to get something to cut it loose and just then - I have no idea how, but I loosened it and they were free. It took a good while before Kelly and I were calm again. We just held them for so long. They are our babies and you can't stand to see anything happen to them. I can only imagine how many trepid panicked moments we will have when this little muffin comes.

I am very excited about making a BLT today with turkey bacon and I feel that it is necessary to document. Why? Cause I' m weird.

P.S. The baby is now a fetus and no longer an embryo!

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