This 22-year-old new mom from North Carolina spent eight months pertrified of labor.

Jalita's story
It was a Thursday and I was six days past my due date. I had been dialated to 2 cm for three weeks! I had a doctor's appointment that day so me and my husband planned on begging the doctor for an induction.

At the appointment, the doctor told me he wouldn't induce my until the next Tuesday, because he was getting ready to go out of town. I was a bit disappointed, but also secretly relieved. I feared labor. I had heard so many scary stories about how painful it was, and how long it lasted. I knew I was going to have to experience it, but I told myself maybe it wasnt so bad to wait five more days.

That night my husband and I were in the living room watching a movie and I was feeling pretty good. I usually fall asleep by 10, so when 12 rolled around and my husband saw I was still awake he was suprised. He told me he was going to bed, and I said I would be on after while. I ended up not going to bed until 2:30 AM -- I figured I didnt have to do anything the next day so I could just sleep in!

I woke up at 5 AM and went to the bathroom. It was odd because I used the bathroom in the dark, and when I finished I thought I felt a little different so I wondered if my water had just broke. So I turned the light on and looked in the comode, and just saw urine. I went back to bed and laid there thinking of the upcoming week and my induction. I couldn't fall asleep because I started to get nervous thinking about everything.

At 5:30 AM I felt this "pop" in my stomach, and as weird as it sounds I could hear the pop internally. I jumped up and as soon as my feet hit the floor a big gush of water started pouring out! I said to my husband "Get up! My water just broke!" I remember my heart was beating a mile a minute, but all I could do was stand there. It was like my feet where glued to the floor. My husband jumped out of bed (literally!) and started running around the room. He was still half asleep so it took a second for him to gain his composure.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30 AM and they admitted me. At this time I was having mild contractions -- somewhat painful but bearable, but they weren't regular. The nurse checked me, and I was still dialated to 2 cm. My doctor, who was supposed to be going out of town, was actually at the hospital and not scheduled to leave until that afternoon.

At 7 AM my contractions started to get very painful. I had heard stories of women who couldn't dilate all the way, and have to have a c-section, so I told the nurse I wanted to walk. As soon as they got me up on my feet I had a bad contraction and said "Never mind!"

Around 8 the nurse walked in and and looked at my monitor, and asked me if I would like an epidural. I told her, "It's too early. My doctor wants me to be dilated to at least 4 cm." She said, "You probably are." I told her to check me, but thought she was crazy because I had only had hard labor for an hour or so; there was no way I could be that far along. She checked and I was dialated to almost 5, so I got my epidural. My family was so suprised at how quickly it was moving. I kept thinking, "This is too easy, something has to go wrong."

By noon I was complete and ready to push. I pushed for 20 minutes and at 12:20 PM Dylan James Was born. Nothing bad happened and it only took about six hours.

What advice would I give to other expectant mothers?
I wish I would of known that it was going to be so easy, because I spent eight months worrying about


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