SummerMommy, I don't feel so good! Every morning I wake up with that I need to run to the bathroom right...

Mommy, I don't feel so good!

Every morning I wake up with that I need to run to the bathroom right now stomach ache. Still haven't puked, but I'm beginning to think I'd feel better if I could.

Anyway, it is now 7 weeks and I am so excited as each day passes. This weekend was one of my best friends baby shower, which her mother and I hosted. I must brag and say that I was quite a hit with the all the goodies and planning. It turned out to be, what I think, the best shower ever! She will soon be welcoming a sweet baby boy.

Me? I still welcome sweet nausea thus far. Every morning is still an awakening to the question, "Am I gonna puke? Should I run to the bathroom? No, it's passing. Wait here it is again. Oh, here comes the saliva and - gone."

This lasts a fair part of the morning and then bam, the middle of the day comes and I feel great. This is when I have my big meal. It's the bigest meal of the day that doesn't consist of saltines and ginger snaps. If I don't eat a good meal then, I just won't eat at all. Then night time falls and the queasiness seizes me again until I must go to bed at like 8:30 or 9:00. I used to be the stay up till midnight girl with my husband, but not lately.

Well, up until now I would notice my tummy growing very slightly in the sort of bloated way. I just looked bloated. But, I thought it wasn't enough for anyone else to notice. Especially wearing a dress with extra room in that area and a light poncho type shawl over it. Apparently I was wrong and I am now convinced that I look like I have a fat stomach. Everyone at the shower that knew I was pregnant came up to touch the belly and look. And a belly they saw. "Oh my gosh! You're showing already? I didn't show till way later." "Oh, look, I see baby in there!" "Look at your tummy! You have a bump!" And so on. Just waiting now for it to be a bit more obvious.

My aunt, my mom's twin sister and my second mother, had a gift for me after the shower. A bag full of brand new baby GIRL clothes. Kelly was a bit concerned that it was too soon and got a little superstitious on me. But, that passed when he realized that my mother bought me an outfit before she even knew she was pregnant with me, that my aunt bought clothes for her granddaughter just when she found out her daughter was pregnant and of course bought clothes for me when my mother was barely along herself. So I told Kelly to look at it as a blessing and that she's ensured all will be just perfect!

One more week till our first sonogram! Can't wait!


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