JackieWell, we're back, but almost not so safe and sound. First, so that I don't sound like a big complainer,...

Well, we're back, but almost not so safe and sound. First, so that I don't sound like a big complainer, I should say that Maui was beautiful, the hotel was beautiful and we did lots of really fun things. There was a great kid's pool with a sand bottom and turtles that squirted water and a little slide. We went on a submarine, drove to Hana to see the waterfalls, went up to a volcano, went to a lavender farm, on a sunset dinner cruise, hung out on hammocks and generally just had a great time.

Now to the 'down' side of the vacation. On day two Jackson started choking during breakfast. I had given him some bacon and it got stuck. He wasn't coughing or crying audibly so Neal instinctively turned him over his leg and hit his back. He started crying, it had loosened and all was fine. The weird thing was neither of us panicked, we just moved right into what we knew we needed to do and then it was over.

Night three I got the most insane food poisoning I've ever had in my life. I'm still not sure if it was the omelet I had in the morning or the taco bell I had for lunch. I've decided that because of being pregnant your body must really have an urge to get the toxins OUT. I was shaking I was so scared because it just wouldn't stop. But by the next evening I was feeling back to myself.

After that it was smooth sailing until day eleven. That's when we were about to leave for the aquarium. Jackson got excited and started running. His tennis shoe got stuck on the carpet, he fell and landed on the leg of the couch. It happened to be wooden and carved with a very sharp corner. I was grabbing some wipes when I heard it and instantly Neal said, "It's bad." My husband is the 'calm, in control one' so when he says it's bad I know it's bad. It was. There was blood everywhere and he was screaming. From what we could see there was a pretty big gash in his chin. I didn't know what to do first being away from home so I pushed the emergency button on the phone and they sent security and an ambulance driver up. They opted to have the on call doctor look at him first.

That was a total waste of time and quite a nerve wracking experience for all of us. Jackson wanted no where near a doctor and was crying inconsolably while we waited in the hallway, disturbing all of the people on that floor. This is my third trip to the ER for him, but this was definitely the worst injury. I felt so sick to my stomach and helpless. I know every parent whose been through something like this can understand. There's no pain like seeing your baby hurting and knowing you can't make it better. It just tears you up inside. It was better for me to hold him than to look at it. In this strange way, even though I know I'm the adult and needed to be strong for him, I was just having the hardest time looking at him. When he'd cry it would open up. We suspected it had gone all the way through and it had. When the on call doctor saw him he confirmed that it had and that he had a loose tooth as well as cuts on his gums above his top teeth.

Since it was going to take sedating him, we were sent to the emergency room 45 minutes away. Fortunately Jackson fell asleep on the way there. After that he was very calm in comparison to earlier. He didn't talk much because his lip was swelling up so much and you could tell he was a little bit in shock. About four and a half hours after the injury he finally was sedated with a mild drug (I'm forgetting the name) and the stitches were done. There were 15 total, ten outside, five inside. It was so hard to look at. Neal and I were right there with him. Fortunately the ER doctor we got was from Detroit, had been doing this for 14 years and had a three and six year old. I told him to do it as though he was working on his own child. Neal held Jackson's hand and I stayed up above him holding his head. It was the best place for me because I couldn't really see his chin directly.

After that we had four more days in Hawaii with instructions to keep him out of the sun and water. That was interesting, but it's why we wound up doing so many touristy type things like driving up to the volcano and we finally did make it to the aquarium.

After we got home I feared the stitch removal would be another traumatic event. They told me if he didn't cooperate we'd have to go to the ER where they'd put him in a papoose to tie his arms down. I didn't want that so I really prepped him telling him how important it was to be still for the doctor. It was amazing. He kept his hands on his chest and didn't flinch or make a peep. The doctor even said she's never had a child his age be so cooperative during a stitch removal. We had everyone we knew praying that all would go well, so there was definitely some prayer power involved.

As a reward I told him he could have a treat. He chose to go to the sushi bar. This boy is hysterical. We had California rolls, avocado rolls, edamame and some mango sorbet. He even loves ginger. It was a nice ending to quite a scary journey. Now I just have to be super diligent about keeping neosporin, vitamin e and sunscreen on the scar. There's no way he won't have a scar, but I'm hoping to make it as minimal as possible. His personality has totally returned. But the only weird thing is he keeps waking up from four to six times a night ever since the injury. It seems like he's having nightmares. I hope they go away soon.

Now onto pregnancy developments. I continue to get bigger by the day. When we were picking up our bags, some ladies asked me if I was six or seven months. When I told them I was four and a half their response was, "girl you are biiiiiggg." I know. But what can I do. It is what it is. On Monday this week I'm going to the doctor for the big ultrasound where we'll find out the sex. I also unfortunately found out I tested positive/positive for the CMV virus that my friend has. Most likely I got it from sharing food. She and I and our kids go out to dinner or have dinner at each other's houses frequently. I kind of had a feeling when she found out she had it, that I would too. My doctor seems to think that there's a lot of worrying going on for no reason. Since I've had it in the past I have antibodies to it in my system which will be passed to the baby. There's a one to three percent chance that something could happen, but that is very slim. Some of the signs that would show in the ultrasound would be calcification spots in the brain or a smaller than usual head or an enlarged spleen. I had a day of totally feeling freaked out and crying about this, but I know I have to stay strong and believe that 1-3 percent is truly very small.

My doctor doesn't seem concerned at all. But there's still that part of me that's a little nervous. I guess the only true way to know if it has passed to the baby is to do an amniocentesis, but I don't want to do one. So we'll be praying that God protects this baby and doesn't allow anything to be wrong. I do feel like I'm so much more aware of problems during pregnancy this time. It seems like I didn't know about all these things last time around, but I'm guessing it's because I wasn't around a bunch of moms all the time. I know at least seven friends who are pregnant right now. There's definitely going to be a baby boom in the next four to six months.

Gosh as I write that and realize I'm almost half way done with this pregnancy it seems crazy. It felt so slow at first, but now time feels like it's flying. My inlaws come in to visit next week. Then I have exactly two weeks to try to complete potty training before preschool starts. If he isn't trained he won't be able to stay because they don't have a license to change diapers. I'm feeling serious pressure in that department. We were making such great progress, but in Hawaii it all fell apart. I think because I couldn't bring a stool everywhere and the portable potty seat wasn't super durable he got uncomfortable with it. Now he has been telling me, "I don't want to pee pee on the potty, I want to go in my diaper." So it's like we're starting from square one again. I also can't for anything get him to poop in the potty. Ahhh, the woes of parenthood. I know one day this too will be a distant memory.

All in all I am so glad that nothing worse happened to him. I always feel he is such a precious gift, but I felt even more so after having such a scary fall. I also want this precious baby inside my tummy (as Jackson puts it) to be safe and sound forever and ever. I have this sense of just wanting to put a bubble around them and protect them always. It's true what they say that having a child is like having a part of you walking around disconnected from your body. Even though it's tough and heart wrenching at times, I wouldn't trade this job for anything.

Until next time,

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