JackieThat's what my husband has been calling me this week. A mad woman who can't stop organizing, filing, weeding out...

That's what my husband has been calling me this week. A mad woman who can't stop organizing, filing, weeding out and making multiple piles for goodwill. As I mentioned it all started with the office/bedroom move. But then I found myself going room by room clearing out cupboards, nightstands and drawers (some we haven't looked in since we moved into our house five years ago). I got rid of a ton of books and clothes that I haven't read or worn in the last seven years and decided it's time to say goodbye.

It feels good. Although a little tiny part of me is wondering whether my hormones are being much more free to give away than the normal 'unpregnant' Jackie would be. But man, does it feel good to clean house and know where things are.

My Mom came up one day just so I could have a full day to get the whole project going. But what happened is I didn't stop until one a.m. the next morning and then resumed when the sun rose. Of course I did stop to feed Jackson, play, give him a bath and get him to bed etc. But every free second I was on fire with some subconscious deadline to get things organized and put away. My momentum did slow down after those two days though. That night I thought I'd move to the linen closet, but I was too tired and honestly every inch of my body ached from all I did.

Ironically in doing all of this I came across my online diary from when I was pregnant with Jackson. I read what I was doing this week last time. You know what we were doing? The exact same thing. We were moving my desk into Neal's office and I was clearing out things I hadn't used in years. Hmmmmm. I guess it takes a pregnancy to really kick me into gear on this stuff.

So that was the highlight of my week. Oh and of course another highlight was discovering the local "Babystyle" store in Santa Monica was having a huge sale. I have no summer or light weight maternity clothes because I didn't need them last time so I've been struggling wearing sweats and t-shirts that are gradually hiking up and showing the bottom of my belly. I just haven't felt very cute and for the most part have felt pretty dumpy. But I found some really fun things (all on sale - which is even better) and I finally feel like I have some fun cute maternity clothes.

A sort of scary thing happened this week. A friend of mine who is also pregnant found out she is positive-positive for a virus called CMV for short, but the long name is cytomegalovirus. From what I've researched approximately 80 percent of Americans have had it and generally as children. It's just a virus that can have no symptoms or symptoms similar to mono. If you've had it you have antibodies to it. But if you get it when you're pregnant there's a risk that it can pass through the placenta to the baby. Some of the problems can be as severe as blindness, deafness, retardation or even death. The specialist told her since she was a positive-positive she contracted it sometime in the last eight months. I guess it's very common to catch if you work with children because they can carry it. He said she most likely got it from her two-year-old daughter.

It isn't routinely tested for, but her doctor happens to do it as a routine blood test in the beginning of pregnancy so that's how she found out. My doctor didn't test me for it, but I asked him to so I had it done this week. I guess if it turns out I haven't had it then I could be at risk of contracting it from my friend if we were to share food or a drink etc. Gosh. It all kind of had me worried for a while. I'll get my blood test back this week so I'm praying I've got antibodies in my system to it. I was kind of shocked that I had never heard about this and that we aren't all told about this more. But my doctor (as I mentioned he's always one to keep things calm and not let me stress out) said that the since the majority of Americans have had it, it's generally not a big risk. Still, I want to be safe rather than sorry.

I feel so sorry for my friend. She has to wait until 20 weeks when she can have an amniocentesis to find out for sure whether it has caused any problems for her baby at all. I'm also praying she and her baby will be fine.

We've started shopping for a 'big boy' bed for Jackson. Since it'll take six to eight weeks to have it delivered I realized I better get on it. I don't want him to feel like he's being bumped out of his crib for the baby. But of course I worry a little that moving him will disrupt his good sleeping habits. Again, I'm starting to worry about something that could totally be nothing so ...I'm going to let it go. He has told us, "No maybe I stay in this bed. Jackson doesn't want a big boy bed." The baby who wouldn't sleep in his crib for a year (he'd scream every time I put him in it. I did everything, even got in that thing with him to try to show him it was ok) has grown to love his crib. It's also amazing to me that the baby that never slept through the night now sleeps 12 to 12 1/2 hours through every night. It's sheer bliss for me after all I went through teaching him to self soothe himself. It was a journey and I made some mistakes, but I also had a child who was in a lot of pain from reflux most of his young life so I can't fault either of us. I just feel so glad that I won't have two waking up all night. That is such a blessing!

Potty training has officially begun. This week I got his baby that pees on her potty doll. I got the "How to potty train in less than a day" book (although I haven't finished reading it with everything else going on). But the best news is that as long as he's naked he'll excitedly tell me he has to pee and he'll go to the potty, stand on his stool and go. He's very excited about it all, especially since we're so proud of him. However, I mentioned a key phrase..."as long as he's naked". If he has clothes on he just goes. So I somehow have to get it into his head that he needs to tell me no matter what. At lease we're making progress though.

Well, I'm off to bed to get some much needed sleep myself.

Until next time,

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