ShelahThe planner in me has struck again--with a vengeance! I know that this baby isn't due for almost three more...

The planner in me has struck again--with a vengeance! I know that this baby isn't due for almost three more months but I can't resist the urge to get ready. When my mom and grandma were here last week (they came to watch the kids while we went on vacation) we made a trip up to Minneapolis to do some baby shopping. We got a new infant car seat at Babies R' Us. I had the good sense to restrain myself from getting a new convertible seat, but I did look at them. We also hit the mall, where I bought the bedding for the baby's room (bumper, quilt, lampshade, sheets, changing pad cover, etc�) and my grandma bought a really cute little stuffed frog and a nightlight. We also shopped the summer sales and got tons of clothes. In fact, when I got home I counted up what I've bought for next summer and I have 11 play outfits and 3 church outfits in the 6-12 month size! I guess I should restrain myself now.

I think we've also decided to paint the room once my brother-in-law moves out. The room now has flowers and ladybugs all over the walls, and while we're not going to be here long after the baby arrives, something in me says that each baby needs to have a special nursery that's just for them. I know it's not a necessity, but since I've gotten so many other things prepared early, I'll have time after we get back from our big Utah vacation in August to paint and get everything decorated exactly the way I want it. I also ordered some 8 x 10 animal flashcards that we'll use as a border in the room. I might be painting the room by myself (Eddie is boycotting the idea of painting) but I think it might also help the resale value of the house to get rid of the crazy mural that's in there now (which is adorable, but not at all neutral).

A couple of days ago I had the rare opportunity to go to Target without the kids, and I took advantage of it to take some time to peruse the baby section. In addition to the body pillow I'd been dying for, I also got: onesies, socks, diapers, lansinoh breast pads, maxi pads, infant Tylenol, and some burp cloths. My list of things to buy, while still substantial, is getting shorter and shorter, and I'm pretty sure that I won't be running around in a panic right before the baby is due.

I have a feeling that I will be in a state of semi-panic for much of the rest of the pregnancy. I had my glucose test and regular ob appointment on Tuesday, and while I easily passed the glucose test, my blood pressure was a little high in the doctor's office. I'm sure that it was only high because I had three hours to stress and think about it (the downside of going to the doctor without the kids, who at least keep me occupied) since I had to get to the hospital early for the glucose test then wait around for the appointment. My doctor wants Eddie to take my blood pressure twice a week for the rest of the pregnancy, and call the office immediately if we get a reading of 140/90. Of course it was normal when he took it at home yesterday, but this is exactly the same situation we went through when I was pregnant with Annie, and I was a nervous wreck that time around! We're both pretty confident that it was my nerves (which in turn caused my blood pressure to go up) that scared the doctor into making the call to induce her at 36-37 weeks.

We have our hospital tour this Monday, and I'm excited to see where the baby will be born. Our insurance doesn't give us a lot of choice (this is really the only option) and so I hope I like it! Bryce and Annie were both born at a pretty posh hospital in St. Louis and I'm a little bit nervous that it won't be as nice, but I guess I'm just going to the hospital to have a baby, not to be pampered. Emily, my friend and early-morning walking partner, is due with her second daughter later this week and I'd love to see her in the hospital on Monday night when we go on our tour. Eddie is on call that night (at the same hospital) and I'm hoping that he doesn't get called away in the middle of the tour. He jokes that the ob floor is the only one he hasn't worked on since starting his residency two years ago.

I guess that's it for this week!

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