ShelahNo, not mine--we're actually planning to have a sip and see for baby Isaac this fall after he arrives. I...

No, not mine--we're actually planning to have a sip and see for baby Isaac this fall after he arrives. I figure I don't need a lot of stuff at this point, and my godmother, who wants to host the shower for me, lives in Nashville and would only have to come visit once if we had a sip and see instead of a traditional shower. I just finished hosting a baby shower for my kids' former babysitter, and I had forgotten both how much fun and how much work it is to pull it all off.

The expectant mom, Molly, has been in our church congregation for about a year (ever since she got married). She has a 17 year-old daughter and her husband has two teenage boys, so this is the first baby for both of them in quite a while. She wanted to make sure that everyone at church who wanted to come was invited, so my co-hosts and I spent two weeks at church handing out invitations and reminding (and reminding, and reminding) them that they needed to call to RSVP.

She wanted to have a "basics" shower, so we tried to steer people towards getting her the fundamentals (diapers, sleepers, etc�). We decided to torture the guests with a few games, which actually went over really well. We played the ubiquitous "baby food" game where people have to guess what's inside the jar by looking at it from the outside. We also played a fun game where people had to guess the names of baby animals. Did you know that a baby swan is called a cygnet or a baby koala is called a joey? But the game I liked best was a "price is right" game where we bought a bunch of baby stuff at Target (diapers, wipes, baby Tylenol, etc�) and the guests had to guess the price. Molly got to keep all of the stuff that we used in the game.

My co-hosts and I had a lot of fun (I think) getting things prepped for the shower. We took three adults and five kids to Target to buy supplies and then came back to my house to cook and get things set up. We made cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, juice and cake, which we thought was a good option for a morning shower. At one point three of the kids were running around my backyard with wire ribbon wrapped around their heads, so I think the kids were pretty entertained by the whole thing too.

All in all, I think Molly was really happy with the way things went. She got a ton of good baby basics, and I doubt that she and her husband will have to buy much. There were more than 25 people in my (tiny) living room at one point, so we had a pretty good turnout too. Hosting a shower really gives me a greater appreciation for the showers that have been thrown in my behalf. I'm getting really excited for my baby to get here so we can celebrate him too.

Until next week,

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