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Susan Warhus, MD

Your question:
My son is 15 months old and I still have no sex drive. Is there something out there I can take to regain my sex drive?

The expert answers:
Lack of sexual desire is a common problem. Many women say that they don't have much interest in sex during pregnancy and following delivery because of their changing body shape, pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation. That can be very normal.

Sounds like you delivered more than a year ago and are still having these concerns. That can be normal too. Caring for a toddler can be very demanding, both physically and emotionally.

To be on the safe side, I recommend that you see your doctor for a complete evaluation. Tell him/her that you have no sex drive. (Trust me, they've heard this many times before!) They will check to make sure that you have no diseases or illnesses that could contribute to diminished sex drive. They will also evaluate any medications that you are taking that could also be causing a reduced interest in sex.

The doctor may also ask you about alcohol and drug use because that has also been linked to diminished sex drive. If these conditions are fine, the doctor may ask you about anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue. These are huge factors that contribute to a lack of sexual desire.

Depending on the outcome of your doctor's visit, you may want to consider counseling to help your relationship, both sexually and emotionally. A recommendation for counseling does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. It's just a tool to help you lead a better and happier life!

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