ValerieWhew, it's HOT! Actually, it's not HOT, HOT, but it's hot enough that I'm not happy being outside for very long....

Whew, it's HOT! Actually, it's not HOT, HOT, but it's hot enough that I'm not happy being outside for very long. Thank goodness we have central air and the van has air conditioning, so even when I have to go out, I am only in the weather for the brief moment between air-conditioned place and air-conditioned place. I remember the summer I was pregnant with my first child, who was due in September. It was an incredibly hot summer and we were renting a house that had no air and we couldn't even afford a decent window air conditioner. What's worse, my car had no air conditioning! I would spend the days just lounging in my underwear in front of the fan, trying to stay cool. I didn't look forward to the hour-long drive from the country into the OB office in the city, since it was a hot and sticky ride. No wonder I had problems with swelling near the end! Ugh. Yes, I'm in a much happier place these days.

We had our little RV camping trip with the family over the 4th of July weekend. It was nice and not terribly hot. Though I have to admit that I'm grateful the RV has air-conditioning too, as I spent my fair share of time inside trying to stay comfortable. I didn't do much on the trip, but DH went fishing a couple of nights with his brother-in-law, and the older kids spent most of the time playing with their cousins and the hundreds of other kids at the campground. I went to the pool once, which was nice until it got crowded. We made a visit to a small, local waterpark one day. It rained about 1.5 hours after we had gotten there, but it was still fun. The "big kids" (everyone but me and our youngest child) were able to return later in the day by showing their receipts. That left time for the little one to take an awesome nap and for me to read for a while and then BORED! WOW! Everywhere I went, people kept asking me when I was due, how many were in there, and if I knew what I was having. I have to fight back sassiness with that last question. I'm always tempted to say, "I hope it's a puppy...we've always wanted one!" I know, they're well-meaning questions, and I usually get a nice response when I answer, "No, we don't know." You know, something along the lines of "Oh, that's so neat. It's so much more exciting that way."

The last of the birth supplies arrived last week. I had ordered some chux pads and some birth preparation herbs from an online company because I knew I'd not feel like dragging my butt 8 miles down the road to visit the health food store yet again or the medical supply store. So, yeah, I paid for shipping, but I didn't have to haul my aching, lazy, pregnant butt anywhere. I like that convenience. I ordered the herbs because I'd really like to have an easier time this time around. I started taking the formula today but haven't noticed anything really different. I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions anyway, so what's a few more? The formula is supposed to be started five weeks before your estimated due date, but I figure starting now can't hurt.

I have an appointment with the birth assistant on Monday. She will be bringing her back-up person along, just in case she has to be somewhere else when I need her. There is a very slim chance of that, so I'm not worried about it. Still, it will be nice to meet another earthy-birthy person. I'm still harboring a secret desire to birth unattended, but you know, it sure would be nice to have some folks here afterwards to help assess things and to clean up and basically cater to my every whim. :-) We'll see how it goes.

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