ShelahI think the second-semester energy spurt is a myth. Although I'm not quite as bone-numbingly exhausted as I was at...

I think the second-semester energy spurt is a myth. Although I'm not quite as bone-numbingly exhausted as I was at the beginning of the pregnancy, I'm certainly not feeling peppy. Eddie has had a particularly busy month at work, and he usually doesn't get home until it's almost time to put the kids to bed. By the time they're both asleep (usually around 8, almost exactly 14 hours after they wake up in the morning-- can you tell I've been calculating?) I'm too tired to do almost anything but sit and stare at the walls. Early in the pregnancy, it was still possible to coax (bribe, whatever) Annie into taking a nap on the three afternoons each week when Bryce was at preschool. I'd always take a little nap myself while she was sleeping. Now that school is over the naps are on vacation too--but I seriously doubt they'll start up again in the fall when school starts again!

Maybe I'm feeling tired because it's so darn cool here. I know, you're probably thinking, how did she make the jump from feeling tired to the weather? We had a few days of warm, sunny weather, and I slathered up the kids with sunscreen, let them run the hose and fill the pool, and they played for hours while I sat in a deck chair and read. I felt pretty good at the end of the day those days. Now that it's freezing again in Minnesota I've had to actually interact with them a lot more (not a bad thing, I know, but it keeps me up and chasing a lot more). Yesterday we spent about 2 � hours at the park, at least an hour of which I was bouncing them on the seesaw and my thighs are paying the price today. I've also been really good about exercising since my teaching ended in May, and after walking for an hour pushing almost 100 pounds in the jogger, I'm pretty beat. Anyway, it's a good kind of tired, and not accompanied by morning sickness, so overall I feel much better than I did a few months ago.

I had a checkup this week and everything looks great. I've gained 12 pounds so far, which is pretty average, I think. It puts me on target to gain 25-30 for the whole pregnancy, which is slightly more than I gained with the other two, but I'm not too stressed about it. I had another ultrasound and the baby looked great. He has been so active lately. Bryce has caught him actually kicking a few times (not just flexing my stomach muscles and pretending it's a kick). I love my doctor too. I think the third time is a charm with obstetrician. I didn't like my first ob, had mixed feelings (though overall positive) the second time I was pregnant, and love this doctor. She's great with the kids, who usually accompany me to the office. There's practically no wait either. I'm always in the exam room within five minutes of arriving and the doctor's there almost right away. This week her nurse brought graham crackers in for my kids while we waited--they were stoked!

As far as my belly goes, I've gone from people asking me when I was going to start showing (last week) to someone telling me that I'm huge (this week). So I guess I've popped (I know, I've been saying that, but I mean it this time). I started wearing some maternity tops this week and I think that has a lot to do with it. I think even a non-preggo can look pregnant in tentlike shirts and the elastic waists that go across the top of the belly. I'm starting to embrace my rounder look though and trying to develop a thick skin when my friends imply that I'm looking elephantine.

I guess that's it--I'm off to find some ice cream!

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