ShelahThere's not much going on in the baby front. He's growing steadily (at least my belly is) and jabs like...

There's not much going on in the baby front. He's growing steadily (at least my belly is) and jabs like a prizefighter. He was particularly active when we went to see Harry Potter 3 the other night--I counted more than 200 kicks during the movie, so I'm guessing that just like his dad, uncles and everyone in the family with a Y chromosome he'll love action movies that are heavy on the special-effects.

Last week Bryce (my four year-old) was sitting on my lap at the computer desk when the baby kicked him in the back. It was pretty strong and Bryce got so excited. He kept delightedly saying, "My brother kicked me! My brother kicked me!" (funny, when it's his sister who kicks him he wants to have her sent to time out). Since that day Bryce will come up to me several times a day and say, "I want baby Isaac to kick me, Mommy." Initially I tried to have him wait quietly with his hand on my belly to see if the baby would kick again, but after a minute or two he got frustrated waiting. Now I just flex my stomach muscles when he wants to feel the baby kick. He gets the same delighted look on his face every time and always says goodbye to the baby by giving me a hug and a kiss around the middle. He says, "Now go back to sleep baby Isaac." Bryce is a really rough-and-tumble kind of boy, and I'm particularly excited that he's eager to have a little brother.

Annie is also pretty excited about the new baby. A few days ago we were out in the yard when our next-door neighbor started to talk to us over the fence. She was talking to me about her grandson and his new baby sister. Annie (who doesn't miss much, even though she's only two) turned to the woman and said, "I have a baby brother and his name is Isaac." I'm at the stage now where someone who knows me probably definitely recognize that I'm pregnant, but someone who doesn't know me might just think I'm a little chubby around the middle. The lady didn't know I was pregnant and seemed surprised when I told her that the baby was due in October. I wasn't purposely keeping her out of the loop, it just seemed weird to go up to my elderly neighbors and announce, "Hey, I'm pregnant!"

The kids have also decided that they'd rather have a baby brother than a baby monkey or a baby gorilla. According to Bryce, a baby monkey would "mess up our house." Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's right on that one. Annie has decided that a baby gorilla would be fun, but it would probably "mess up our couch." I'm not quite sure she got that idea, but it would undoubtedly be true too. Personally, I'd much rather be gestating a human than an ape myself. I know how the primate house at the zoo smells--and it's much worse than a poopy diaper!

I'm having so much fun with my kids this summer. It's funny--before I had kids I imagined that my life would go on pretty much as it had before, except I'd be bringing kids along with me. Having a baby definitely changes things--and having toddlers and preschoolers changes life even more. Now I'm much more apt spend a free day going to the zoo followed by lunch at McDonalds than an art museum and lunch at a caf´┐Ż. My life is totally different from how it was before and I laugh at the former self who imagined that I'd be able to read books and complete elaborate projects while caring for toddlers (not that I don't do those things, just not between the hours of 6am and 8pm). I loved my old life and my old companions, but they sure didn't hold a candle to Bryce and Annie. I'm so excited for the baby to come and join in the fun!

Until next week,

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