ValerieWell, this evening we are planning to attend a "class" the midwife holds for all her couples. This class is called...

Well, this evening we are planning to attend a "class" the midwife holds for all her couples. This class is called "If the Baby Arrives Before the Midwife" or Midwifery 101. We'll be dragging to whole clan to another family's home in a nearby town, and our birth assistant, the other couple's nurse friend, their children, and a midwife or three will be there as well. M, the main midwife, suggested it be a potluck sort of thing, but I think we'll eat before we go there. I can just imagine the chaos of trying to get my family to eat at a potluck. No thank you.

Anyway, this is basically a class for everyone else, in my opinion. I'm well acquainted with the mechnisms of birthing a baby, intellectually and physically. I'm sure the other mom feels this way as well. The menfolk, though, should at least be reminded what happens and what to do should the baby arrive in a prompt manner. It's not so much that they need to know HOW to get the baby out...most of the time the baby does that just fine. It's really that stuff they need to be cool about immediately know: dry the baby, keep the baby warm, stimulate the baby, not to mention dealing with the cord and the placenta (i.e. what exactly *is* normal?).

Part of me REALLY is not looking forward to this evening. That's been par for the course for me, though. I didn't look forward to meeting with the midwife when we finally arranged for her to come meet my husband, and I didn't look forward to meeting with the assistant last week. Yes, the meetings turned out to be very pleasant experiences, but I still don't seem to look foward to the next one(s). Is it just me not wanting to give up my sense of control? Who knows? I'm sure tonight will be nice, if only to meet another family who believes in giving birth at home. Yes, I know other homebirthers, but it's still nice to meet more!

On the pregnancy front, I am just SOOOOO pregnant and I feel like it all the time! The relaxin has been released in my system in a big way. I can really feel my pelvic bones loosening and spreading, which results in that old hip pain I thought I had escaped. Actually, it's not too bad as long as I stay fairly active. The more I sit and the softer the surface upon which I sit, the more likely I am to have to hobble around when I get up. And while I'd LOVE to just sit with my feet up for half the day, I'm actually much better off when the kids frequently interrupt my sit-down time to ask me to fetch or do something for or with them.

I'm also feeling a lot more Braxton-Hicks contractions, which is to be expected for someone in my pregnant state. My friend due the same day as I am spent ten hours in the hospital the other day because she was regularly contracting every 5-6 minutes. Thank goodness I'm not at that point. She's on medication which has reduced the number of contractions she has to about 6/hour. Apparently her baby is already fairly large (like over 6 lbs as opposed to about 4), which is pretty normal for her, having had several babies over 9 lbs. 3 weeks early! Still, she'd be relieved if she could go a couple of more weeks, so the baby's lungs have a greater chance of maturing. A friend is holding a baby shower for her this weekend, so I hope she can hang in there.

My next door neighbor came home yesterday with her newborn daughter...a sweet little cherub. If my friend goes more than a few weeks early, I will start having major baby hungies and will likely be very frustrated the further past 37 weeks I go. :-) No, I don't want a premature baby...I'm just really excited about meeting this new little one. And, no, I'm nowhere NEAR ready to have this baby. My house needs to be put back in order, I have supplies to purchase, and I need to look into buying one of those inflatable fishy pools since I really would like to have a waterbirth.

Until next time,

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