ShelahWe're back from our trip and I'm exhausted. I can't actually say that it was a vacation, because that might...

We're back from our trip and I'm exhausted. I can't actually say that it was a vacation, because that might imply that I was expected to get some enjoyment out of the experience. No, I was paying my dues with this trip. I spent 40+ hours in the car with my toddlers, who slept in 7 different beds in 12 nights. We traveled from my house in Minnesota to my parents' house in Chicago. My dad and sister and I drove from there to Nashville, where my godmother's daughter graduated from high school on Memorial Day. That night my parents and the kids and I drove to Cleveland. We went to the zoo there the next morning and drove on to Pittsburgh, where we stayed with my grandmother while making food for the next graduation (for my cousin), which was on Saturday in Columbus. We drove back to Chicago Saturday night and I took the kids home on Sunday (I actually shaved two days off the trip--I just wanted to be home). We all missed Eddie, who got to stay home and work.

Lest I sound like a total crab, I will say that I enjoyed seeing my extended family. I hadn't been to Nashville or Pittsburgh in years, and it was great to see my aunts and uncles and cousins. I also had a lot of fun with my brother and his wife and kids, who were at the Nashville graduation. I guess my attitude is so bad because I felt coerced into going on the trip by my mother, who promised to help with the kids so it wouldn't be a hellish nightmare. Unfortunately, she also promised to cater the food for both graduations (150 guests at the first party and 50 guests at the second party) and spent the entire time merrily cooking away in the kitchen, while I was alone trying to keep my kids from destroying my relatives' unchildproofed houses. I generally feel really good when I'm pregnant, but I also don't push it too much. I was totally exhausted by the end of this trip and the kids got more and more attached to me as the trip wore on, which was also tiring (Annie even slept with me, so I had her with me 24/7).

On a positive note, I've finally popped. I'm definitely wearing maternity bottoms now, and wore my first maternity top yesterday. I wasn't eager to go into maternity too early, but now that I'm more than half way into this thing, I'm glad that I don't just look fat anymore. I was glad I had brought some comfy clothes with me on the trip. I also bought some men's polo shirts in a size small, so they're long enough to cover a panel but don't look too big right now. I also bought a lot of stuff for the baby on our trip! He has about ten outfits that I found on great sales.

We've also decided on a name. Eddie told the kids months ago that the baby would either be baby Isaac or baby Liza (for Eliza) and the kids have been calling the baby Isaac ever since we found out the gender a few weeks ago. So the first name will be Isaac. After much debate, pouring over baby name books, and getting input from friends and family (it had to follow the rules, after all), we've also picked a middle name, Paul, which is a family name on my side. So the baby will be Isaac Paul Miner.

That's it for now! I'm still trying to unpack and regain my sanity!

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