ShelahThis will probably be a quick message. I'm leaving for a two-week marathon vacation with the kids this afternoon, but...

This will probably be a quick message. I'm leaving for a two-week marathon vacation with the kids this afternoon, but I had to drop in and share with the world the results of my ultrasound.

[b]It's a BOY!!!![/b]

For a multitude of reasons, I've been convinced from day one that we were having another son. I got pregnant the one night we had unprotected sex all month, which happened to be the night before I ovulated. According to the Shettles Method, the closer to ovulation you have sex, the more likely you are to have a boy.

Furthermore, the pregnancy seemed to resemble my pregnancy with Bryce more than my pregnancy with Annie (I was sicker than I was with Annie and really tired). Also, it would have been more convenient to have a girl (with our bedroom situation) so Murphy's Law dictates we'd have a boy instead. So I was not at all surprised to find out that another boy is on the way.

Eddie is on cloud nine. He wasn't this excited when we found out the gender with either of our other babies. We had the ultrasound at the teaching hospital where Eddie works, and the first part of the ultrasound was given by an ob/gyn resident. She said that she couldn't get a good look at the genitals, and as a result she thought it was a girl. After poking around for a while, she handed the wand over to the ultrasound tech, who promptly proved the doctor wrong! The tech kept joking about how well-endowed he was for an 18 weeker and said a couple of times that he seemed to be playing with himself (he must get that from his big brother!).

The baby looks very healthy. He's measuring slightly big, which is a surprise for me since my babies tend to be small. Overall it was a great visit. I'm excited to start shopping for baby boy clothes and bedding! I'm sure I'll buy a lot while I'm on my trip--we're going to some great outlet malls.

My main concern now is what to pack for the trip for me to wear. I'm not quite in maternity clothes yet, but I'm afraid that I'll be busting out of my regular clothes when I come home in two weeks. I look like I'm playing dress-up when I put on my tenty maternity shirts but I'd rather be comfortable in the car than fashionable. I guess I'll bring some of both.

I'll be back in two weeks!

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