Well, I've been spending the past couple of weeks searching for the right "doula" to assist us with our upcoming birth....
Well, I've been spending the past couple of weeks searching for the right "doula" to assist us with our upcoming birth. After meeting with the midwife--who lives 2 hours away--my husband and I agreed it would be a good idea to look into having a doula in the event the midwife couldn't arrive in a timely manner. Of course, for me, not just ANY old doula would do. After all, it makes sense that she should not only have practical experience in attending births, but also have experience with homebirth.

Fortunately, the searching has become easier with all the many online databases for midwife and doula services. I found one who had attended a large number of births, several of which were at home.

Unfortunately, we didn't consider the cost of hiring a doula in addition to hiring a midwife. In the end, it could wind up costing us a fair piece of change. God must be smiling down upon and looking over us, because when I brought up the issue with the doula (charing $400), she handed me the name of another "doula" who could work something out with us. On top of that, this "doula" wants to become a midwife and had taken some training courses at The Farm (the big midwife commune, birthing community in Tennessee, do a web search on them).

Well, we met this afternoon with the doula. I can't rightly call her a doula, because she will be serving in a capacity more than that. She can be more accurately described as a midwife assistant, for which she has received training. She is very comfortable with the idea that she might be the only one there with us should our midwife not arrive, and this is great reassurance to my husband. It is also reassuring to me, since I'm requesting the type of care that is often hard to find in "just a doula." The added benefit is that she lives only about 30 minutes away, has a child care arrangement, back-up with the doula I initially contacted, and she was homeschooled from 6th grade through high school. For some reason, I just find that last bit to be really cool.

We hit it off very well and spent about an hour chit-chatting about things in general. She is young and has a 14 month old nursing child, but those things don't phase me in the least. She is also very flexible in regard to what she'll be paid for this birth. I'm trusting that God will iron all those details out for us--the financial ones--when the time comes and that each person involved will receive more than her fair share.

I was anxious about all of this at first, of leaving my unassisted ideas all behind. It's not bothering as much now that we've met the assistant. We're on the same page, and the midwife is on the same page. We have a "class" arranged for next week when the midwife will go over what to do in the event that she isn't there before the baby arrives. This, I think, will calm my husband's fears even more.

We're planning a short vacation over the 4th of July holiday to camp (RV style) out in the area in which our midwife lives. Yes, it's a short 3 weeks before my due date by then, but the fact that we'll be out there calms my anxiety a bit. I've actually been considering stocking the motorhome with some birth supplies and baby clothes, "just in case" I happen to go early. LOL! Can you imagine a MOTORHOME birth???

Oh, and lastly, we have FINALLY resolved our van seating issue. God is so very awesome and good to us. Some guy was selling his van seats on eBay because he's having his van converted to be wheelchair accessible. We just found out we won the bid, so my husband will be picking the seats up soon (the guy happens to live in Ohio as well).

It's all falling nicely into place. As long as I don't try to control it too much, it will all work out very well. What is the saying? "Let go and let God."

Until next time,

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