Even If You're Fit, You May Have Them

You workout and you feel great, right? Well, even though you are in shape, pregnancy can be hard on the bones and joints. Fitness Expert Sara Jones offers some insight.
Sara Jones

Your question:
I have a good workout (following all guidelines) and I work with a trainer. He has me doing weights and cardio exercises three times a week. Plus, my nutrition has changed -- for the better -- since I found out I was pregnant. I have been adding in extra foods for the nutrients and vitamins. However, I am now seven months pregnant and have started developing these aches and pains all around my body. I have asked family and friends, and they just tell me that it is "typical pregnancy pains" and that I should just deal with it. However, I feel that I am working so hard to keep my body in shape that I shouldn't have to deal with these aches and pains! Do you have any suggestions?

The fitness expert answers:
I don't know exactly what you and your trainer are doing as far as exercise, but as you get bigger, you might want to address your changing body mechanics = your posture. A lot of times women tend to get the "pregnant waddle" or other postural changes that can lead to increased pain and discomfort. I try to fix (as much as I can) these problems -- for example, swayback caused by an ever increasing belly means you should stretch low back muscles and strengthen abdominals.

This is just one example, but take a look at yourself and try to remember pre-pregnancy. Did your posture change? Rounded shoulders or external feet rotation? These can cause more back aches and even knee problems. Plus, it can even give you headaches and shoulder pain. This is something a prenatal exercise specialist or a physical therapist would be able to address. I find a poor prenatal or postnatal the most important problem to address in my clients' workouts -- not just increasing strength and looking good.

Best of luck with your healthy and fit pregnancy!PregnancyAndBaby.com


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