ValerieOr should I say, I have been blessed? Either way, it's pretty darn cool. Last night I attended an event in...

Or should I say, I have been blessed? Either way, it's pretty darn cool. Last night I attended an event in honor of the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. This day is when the Catholic church celebrates the anniversary of an apparition made by Mary to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Anyway, it was a lovely service. I had come up with the idea over a month ago that our deacon should offer a special blessing for those mothers who are expecting during the service, and he was very open to the idea. Unfortunately, we didn't get the word out to enough pregnant women and I was the only one standing during the blessing! Oh well....embarassing, perhaps, but I now have not only the blessing of the church when it comes to this birth, but I also have at least 30 older "prayer warriors" who said they will be remembering me in their daily rosaries. "So I have that going for me." It may not be eternal consciousness, but it's a start. (Caddyshack fans, anyone?)

The week before was hectic. Not only was I hit with a sudden cold, but I also had several other things to deal with on top of it. Fortunately the worst part of the cold only lasted a day, so it didn't hinder me in what needed to be done. My mother flew into town to attend our son's First Communion, so I had to pick her up at the airport. Before she arrived, we learned that a close friend of my husband's family had passed away (she was 35), so we had that news to deal with.

Later in the week, we had to go suit shopping for my son. We started at the children's resale shop, but no suits were to be found. Then we hit the mall (my least favorite place) and finally found a decent-priced suit at the third store we went to. Glad we found it in time for the First Communion photos. Why they had the formal photos BEFORE First Communion I'll never know.

My husband and I took advantage of my mom being in town, and she watched the rest of the kids while we went to the photos and rehearsal for First Communion together.

That Saturday, he and I attended the funeral mass of the friend who had passed away. While her parents are Catholic, apparently the rest of the family is not. There were only 7 Catholics in the sea of people attending her funeral Mass. It was a little odd.

Sunday was our son's First Communion mass. He looked like a little angel and was very excited to be receiving this special Sacrament. Afterwards we had a multi-purpose party, celebrating First Communion, our second son's third birthday (he turned 3 on May 4), Mother's Day, and the kids' great-grandfather's birthday (May 15). All in all it was a good day.

Monday was a time for rest. It was a nice relief not to have to get in the car to GO anywhere, but I spent most of the day doing laundry that had been neglected the week before.

Tuesday was when my mother left to fly home, so we were off again to the airport. And then the normal Tuesday shuffle began again: baseball game and choir rehearsal.

Wednesday was an off day, and then Thursday was the Marian Event I wrote about before. There was a baseball game I missed because of it...of course it was one in which my son got a 3-run home run.

Tomorrow is another baseball game and our oldest daughter's choir concert. So, I'll be missing another ball game, since both events are at the same time. Gosh, it's a good thing I'm not a single mother!

Today is supposed to be the day my husband meets with the midwife I really like. Right now we're at a point where we not committed to ANYTHING; not a midwife, not an unattended birth, NOTHING. I haven't heard back from the midwife yet, so I'm assuming she is planning to come at the time I suggested. We'll see. F

For some reason, I feel anxious about this meeting. I don't know if it's because we'll get to bring to the surface our ideas about this upcoming birth, or what. The midwife has agreed to basically just answer questions about unassisted birth as well as what she offers to couples who hire her as a midwife. So, she's kind of that "just in case " midwife...more for my husband than for myself. In other words, if DH feels he needs to have a midwife there "just in case", she might agree to come if he calls.

Personally, I'd like to know nothing about it. I feel like just KNOWING that someone might be coming to the house could be enough to hinder me in some way. If I can, I might just try to labor in "secret" as long as I can, since I know how pumped DH gets once he knows things are going along. And frankly, that energy is just something I don't think I need during labor.

Until next time,

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