ShelahWeek 13/14 - Rolling, rolling, rolling The last two weeks have been incredibly busy but also really fun. It's the end...

Week 13/14 - Rolling, rolling, rolling
The last two weeks have been incredibly busy but also really fun. It's the end of the semester at school and I've been spending a lot of time reading papers, creating final exams, and meeting with my students about final projects. I love the chance to meet one-on-one with my students so it has been a lot more fun than planning lessons and getting up in front of the class every day.

My in-laws came to town last weekend (they live in Utah) and we spent the whole weekend getting the house ready for spring. My father-in-law and I planted annuals and trimmed bushes, fixed our broken closet doors and a broken section of our fence. He also stained our deck so it looks nice and new again. My husband works so much that he's rarely available to fix all of the little things that fall apart in our house so it was really nice to get all of the jobs done that have been piling up since his last visit.

On the pregnancy front it still feels like nothing is happening. My morning sickness is gone (unless I'm really hungry) but I'm not wearing maternity clothes or feeling especially pregnant yet. I think I'm feeling flutters. I've been feeling them for several weeks and although they've increased in frequency, they're not any more intense than they were in the beginning. Maybe it really is gas and I've just been gassier the last few weeks than usual (which I've heard is another unfortunate side-effect of pregnancy). I'm sure that in a few months I'll think I was silly for lamenting the fact that I'm not "feeling pregnant" right now. I know that I have a lot of months ahead where I'll feel really pregnant!

My big ultrasound is scheduled for May 26th and I'm so eager to find out what we're having. The first few times I went to the doctor she gave me an ultrasound, and the last two visits she hasn't (even though the machine was sitting unused outside the door to my exam room last time). I think it's because I have had my kids with me both times and it's so crowded with both kids and the stroller in the room that there's hardly room for the ultrasound machine too. We found out that Annie was a girl at my 14 week appointment, and even though I know it's totally normal to wait until 20 weeks or even later to find out the gender (and we'll find out at 18 weeks), I'm getting really antsy. I went outlet shopping with some friends yesterday and it was painful not to be able to take advantage of the deals on baby clothes. I keep telling Eddie that all I want for Mother's Day is to know if we're having a girl or a boy, but I doubt that he'll do anything about it (and he could do a scan for me if he really wanted to).

Eagerly awaiting the passing weeks!

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